Shopping List 2: PC Hardware Cleaning and Furniture

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Found 20th Mar 2007
After successfully completing my first hotukdeals.com/for…550
shopping list , I now require another batch of goodies.Unlike the first list I have yet too fully research everything. I figured I'd post my list here in the hopes of gaining feedback while I check myself (:

What am I buying?

1) TV+Monitor SEE UPDATE 4
3) Leather Chair SEE UPDATE 4
4) Tall Storage Unit/Bookcase BOUGHT
5) Filing Cabinet BOUGHT
6) Wifi Card for Desktop BOUGHT
7) PC Cleaning Products BOUGHT

Specific Details of each item(s)

1. I'm looking for a TV that can also be used with my Xbox and PC. I'm having alot of trouble choosing due to the vast amount of choice.

[u Requirements

a. 32-50"
b. (Preferably) LCD or Plasma NOT CRT
c. Scart/HDMI,DVI,VGA (pc connection)
d. HD Enabled

Anything else is a bonus, aslong as it can be used for TV/Xbox and PC.

The determining factor is Price and Quality. There's been plenty of deals posted here and I've looked over AV Forums. My main issue is simply when is a good deal a good deal? . The prices for 32"+ LCD's seem to be dropping all the time and I'm unsure on whether to buy now or wait till it hits a breaking point.

Price: As with everything, I'm always after a REAL bargain, but in this case I'm unsure on what constitutes a REAL bargain. Alot fo these deals come with extra bits like HDMI(?) a Stand, freeview, extended warranty, cashback options, e.g. Quidco, discount codes. These all count in making my decision.
Too be honest, I won't fork out over £100 unless it really is a steal, at the same time I am willing to spend anything around £500 mark is it is a deal.

2. [u I need a SATAII to SATAII Cable

My motherboard has a SATA and SATAII port, I'm currently using a SATAII HDD on my SATAII port but with a SATA cable, I think! I believe you can obtain SATAII cable to optimize the data transfer? If this isn't the case I still need a new SATA cable, reason being is the current cable I use has overly large connectors. Problem is the connector overhangs the edge of my Case, and I can not actually put the side of the case back on without damaging the cable.


As you can see, the nearest red cable with black connector protrudes awkardly from within the case. So I need a SATAII cable with small or flat heads, possibly connectors that are vertical and not horizontal as the one in the pic.

3. [u Leather Chair

It would seem I missed out on the hotukdeals.com/for…air Staples deal of 2 for 1 as well as the hotukdeals.com/for…air Viking 2 for 1 deal. . I need 2 leather chairs, these 2 past deals are exactly what I'm looking for and around the price I'm willing to pay for 2 they also both had free gifts Unfortunately it seems both deals have EXPIRED, prices on chair have gone up or don't exist.

If anyone can find this same deal elsewhere or something similar it would be ideal.

4. [u Tall storage Unit/Bookcase

I have a space of 30x28cm or 12x11" for a storage unit. Obviously the space isn't great which is why I'm looking for a tall unit to make the most of my room's height. Ideally this would hold books, it has to be in BEECH and adjustable shelves are a bonus.

Something like this argos.co.uk/sta…htm Book Case except it can not be a corner unit and must fit requirements above.
I'm NOT looking for a CD storage unit, the shelving must be big enough or adjustable to fit standard size paperback books.

5. [u Filing Cabinet

b. 2-3 drawers
c. No bigger than 18.5x28.5" or 47x72cm (The height can exceed this IF the width is reduced by 1cm.

Files supplied with the cabinet are a bonus but not necessary. Filing cabinet must be able to house files that can store A4 sheets.

Here is my current cabinet which I'm getting rid of because 1, it doesn't match (not Beech) 2, although it's 18.5" width it has an inch over hand and doesn't fit anymore


6. [u Wifi Card for Desktop

I'm not sure if this is the best solution. I have an UNetworked PC which can not be wired to my router as it's too messy however it can be used with my wireless set up. So I need a wireless PCI card or an external solution. I'm unsure of wireless networking solutions beyond an internal card but I'm sure there are other options. I have a spare wireless hub and have been researching whether I can use this as an access point to my other wireless router and then simply connect the spare to the UNetworked PC.

7. [u PC Cleaning Products

You'd think this would be simple but as always I can't find the right package at the right price that fufills my needs.

a. Can of compressed Air (something powerful enough to get the dust out of every nook and cranny)
b. LCD monitor wipes (somethign that will clean them up without causing damage)
c. CD/DVD lense cleaner
d. any other cleaning product that comes in handy for PC's/Consoles

I don't want to cut corners, I need something that will do the job properly in each case and yet at a good price.

8. [u Webcam

I'm currently using this ebuyer.com/pro…323 web cam . I don't really like it, the quality isn't all that and most importantly the viewing area is too small. I'm looking for a good quality webcam with a wide viewing area and at a good price. Unfortunately it seems somewhat difficult to search for webcams based on their viewing area.

That's all for Shopping List 2. As always Rep given to anyone who can help in any means. As with all products, looking for bargains or near enough, anything that can be bundles together to cut costs via delivery, quidco, or any means of cashback, discount codes etc... is a welcome bonus.

If I can tell you anything further to help you to help me please ask. I know I haven't given budgets on all items this is simply because a bargain can be a bargain at any price. Once I look into these mroe myself I'll edit the post to give examples and possibly price ranges.

Many thanks!


Managed to buy the SATA to SATA cable. After asking it would seem there's no such thing as a SATAII cable. I got a new cable from PC World for £5.99 which has a small vertical connector perfect for my case. I bought this in-store, was the only one left.


Original Poster


6. Wifi Card - I've gone for the TP-Link 108Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter at svp.co.uk at £10.96 with my account discount. Will make the most of my current router/network. Although there were no reviews the 54mpbs version had a brilliant review and seems like an overall decent deal. I was considering the USB option but the 108mbps USB adapter seems to have problems overheating, as it's only needed on one desktop there's not so much need for manoueverability. Any opinions?

7. PC Cleaning Products - I picked up a 400ml can of compressed air and some screen wipes from svp.co.uk to tie into the delivery costs. They seem to be your average prices and the reviews say they pretty much do the job. I'm still interested in where I can get whole cleaning kits cheaper. I still really need a cd/dvd lense cleaning kit, specifically for the xbox.

I still need everything not BOUGHT on my list. Any help or pointers appreciated.

I've looked at dozens of Webcams and still struggling finding any detail on the viewing area.

I'm currently looking at the furniture pieces which I really need to get. The delivery options on most online sites are rather lengthy and pricey. Places like staples, viking, and various sites dealing specifically in office furniture. Argos would be ideal for buying with it's immediate store collect but the only filing cabinet I've seen is around £50.

Original Poster


4. Tall Storage Unit/Book Case

I picked this up from Argos (reserve online for store collection) Extra Tall Storage Tower - Beech for £16.99. Worked out perfectly with adjustable shelves for cd's dvd's books or anything else you might want to tuck away. Also have a wall attachment which is necessary due to the height/slimness of the unit. Booklet is very informative in what plugs and screws you should use on different wall types.


Tempted to buy another as my dvd collection inreases ^^

5. Filling Cabinet Purchased from Argos for collection. Beech Finish Modular 2 drawer Cabinet for £29.99. Was the cheapest 2 drawer filling cabinet I could find anywhere. Both drawers support A4 type suspension files NOT Foolscap.


I purchased the A4 Suspension files separately through euroffice.co.uk[/url] A pack of 50 files cost £7.79 as seen here. That price includes a 15% discount for 1st time buyers. Exactly the same file types as I've had for years in my previous cabinet except foolscap, very durable.

Note worthy Euroffice gives you points on every purchase which can be put towards vouchers/rewards, very much like Pigsback. 250pts just for registering 31pts for my purchase. Oh and if you're a pigsback member, you also get 250pts through pigsback for purchasing through euroffice, no quidco unfortunately.

6. Wifi Card Just to update on previous post/purchase. The card has worked solidly for myself. I placed it in a very very old machine, installation was a brease under windows xp and my router picked it up immediately. More than satisfied with overall performance of this card for lan and wan so far (:

7. PC Cleaning Products Picked up a cd/dvd lense cleaner (cd with brushes and fluid) for a few quid on ebay. Have yet to try it.

If anyones wondering why I'm even bothering to post this, it's because I can't stand it when a question is asked and the follow-up is along the lines "thanks got it, close this". I'm sure there's atleast one soul out there looking for something similar so it's always decent to give a few hints. That and I still need help looking for a few things AND I'd still be interested in anyone finding products I've already purchased at cheaper prices or better quality, just incase (:

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1. TV/Monitor

I've found a fair few that have caught my eye, still not content with the prices, but here's 3 I'm currently debating.

a) Hanspree 32" LCD HD TV JT01-32E1-000G

Price: £359.97 from Direct TV's (free delivery?) +2% quidco

Hotukdeal: hotukdeals.com/for…519
AV Forums Info: avforums.com/for…e=3
Alternate Store:
Teleland £349.95 + £29.50 delivery + 5 years warranty teleland.co.uk/ite…-32'-LCD-HD-TV--HannspreeXV32.html[/url]

b) Aoc 32" LCD TV Widescreen HD Ready Black (N32W551T)

Price £375.51 +2% Quidco

Hotukdeal: hotukdeals.com/for…372
AV Forums: avforums.com/for…51T
Alternate Store:
Intekx.com £339.50 +£12 delivery +vat(?)intekx.com/pro…104
Techfever: £364.98 Free Delivery +2.5% Quidco techfever.co.uk/pro…170
Teleland: £374.95+£29.50 Delivery + 5 Year Warranty teleland.co.uk/ite…-32'-LCD-HD-TV--AOCL32W551T.html[/url]
Ebay: £332.50 + £15 delivery 2year warranty


Price: £388.94 + 2.5% quidco

Hotukdeal: hotukdeals.com/for…025
AV Forum: avforums.com/for…=73
Alternate Stores:
misco.co.uk: 399.99 + 5% quidco misco.co.uk/app…384
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