OK, am about to order a 360 from this company. If the 360 bites the dust who do i return it too, the retailer or the manufacturer?


    with the 360's i believe you mainly deal with microsoft direct. though i have never had to.


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    so would it be wiser to buy from game then as i can exchange it straight away for a new one?

    The warranty is with Microsoft, so if a problem does occur, you have to call them but they're very annoying (my brothers on his 8th console since launch but they have compensated him for his troubles by giving him free games etc).

    I haven't bought a console from the highstreet for a while but I think Game would test the console and then give you a replacement but I'm not 100% sure, as Microsoft return refurbished consoles.

    Shopto are now selling the next version of the premium console for £199.99 including next day delivery and that console is supposed to be a less problematic, whereas you could buy the console directly from Game and pay a higher price for the old version of the console but you may be able to get an immediate replacement if the problem occurs again.

    Hopefully someone will be able to confirm if Game do infact give you an immediate replacement but if they don't, then I'd recommend buying the Shopto version.
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