Shopto amazing delivery time

Can I just say how good is it that you can order a game today and receive it tomorrow morning no fuss with a pretty good price including delivery just wish I could play pilotwings but don't get my 3DS til tomorrow lol


Yep they are fast.

I've had items arrive before I've received the dispatch text. Very good service. Others should take note. If only their website was better...

Hehe yeah their website leaves a lot to be desired. It's so slow and clunky filled with too many fullscreen adverts etc.

Delivery times are super fast.

Usually my first stop when speed takes precedent over price (although they are often cheap).

yeah, very fast..the complete opposite of game gears where my game took over a week to get here....i always use shopto when i want something next day, in fact i have just ordered crysis 2 so it should be with me tomorrow

They are superb


Took me 2 days just to get an account set up with shopto

I always use shopto.
As a gold member i also get a £3 of discount every month

I've currently had 77 completed orders
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