shopto and their non UK games....

I'm not sure if it's random, or if they are still doing it, but I ordered FFXIII last week and just remembered they sell a lot of European versions, which means if I want to sell/trade my used game in Gamestation/GAME/CEX, they won't accept it. It happened with Far Cry 2 and a couple of other titles.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Are they allowed to do this or should it be stated on the site?

I am a huge admirier of shopto's customers service by the way, they are efficient and very good with prices etc, so this is not a 'dig' at them.


I've bought a lot of games from shopto and they have always been pal uk versions

Check your order it will tell you where they sourced it from.

Bit sneaky with the xbox 360 version

The PS3 version just says Uk though

had euro versions of dark sector and grid from them but had no problems them trading in at cex

Never had a Euro game from them. Always been UK releases.

Cex should accept any PAL version regardless if its from UK or Germany

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Thank you all for letting me know how to check :thumbsup:

CEX didn't accept one of the games i'd given them because it wasn't UK, or maybe they just said that, I don't know. But GAME and Gamestation is my main port of call because I like to trade in my games for new copies.
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