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Found 6th Jan 2018
Is anyone having issues with shopto on eBay at the moment? They allegedly sent an item first class 9 days ago, which hasn’t arrived, and are ignoring all emails. Even at this time of year, first class shouldn’t take this long, and letting me know it has been dispatched/when they said isn’t that hard!
I used my 20% off with them so am annoyed as it looks like I wasted my voucher now. The shopto website has always been good, so this is really disappointing.
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I had an issue. Similar to yours. They completely ignored my emails. I ended up doing a paypal dispute and within an hour my game was despatched. They never commented or even replied after.
Just phone them and ask them
Open a INR claim
windym7 m ago

Open a INR claim

I’m going to, was just wondering if others have had this problem lately. Plus it doesn’t get me the 20% offer back for the item, so I can get it elsewhere the same price. Their website seems to be great service each time I’ve used it.
20% off an item that doesn't arrive is no saving!
windym9 m ago

20% off an item that doesn't arrive is no saving!

I know this, I’m saying I wasted my code when I could’ve ordered elsewhere and got the item. Just frustrating.
I’ve also ordered from them using the 20% voucher. My game arrived in 2-3 days, best to contact eBay and open a dispute if no response still.
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