Shopto pre-order question?

    Do shopto take money when pre-ordering immediately or on dispatch?


    Up to you I think. But be warned, if you give them your money, they will not refund your card if you cancel the preorder, and will only refund you "credit".

    Was not impressed. Still have credit left to waste of them, bah.

    Avoid shopto,their staff also like to use your credit card details esp for topups

    thanks for the late warning guys, didnt know that thought they were good co

    edit just read some reviews , they are similar too zavvi ebay i.e hit or miss and no after sales service if you have a problem, thanks will not be ordering from them in the future, got killzone 3 for £20 off them and few other games but couldn't trade them in so assuming they foreign or something so not worth the trouble. Thanks for the heads up
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    Never had a problem with my orders from last year or the numerous ones from the previous years I have used Shopto.

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    I didn't say ShopTo were bad - I've ordered other things before and their first class delivery is... well first class, but I would only pre-order if you're certain you want it from there and are not going to cancel, that's all - I wasn't impressed by them not giving a full refund upon cancellation of my preorder.

    Never had to contact their staff so cannot say anything about them.
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