asking for card details for account registration?

Posted 16th Mar 2016
First time buying from, do they normally ask for all your card details to complete account registration?
Thanks in advance
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Yes. they took a pound from my account then refunded straight away. odd, but you can't sign up without doing it.
Did for me as well, got refunded quickly it's to avoid fraudulent orders and multiple accounts with same cards I think or something like that.
Yes, they do this so they can check the billing address with your card issuer to counter fraud accounts, most online companies do this, since shopto are a reputable company you've got nothing to worry about
It annoyed me that I couldn't send a message without creating an account, and needed my card details to do that. Didn't bother in the end and bought elsewhere.
The reason ShopTo do this is to ensure you have provided the correct card well as prevent tears when your preorder gets delayed because of your own fault. Take a step back and try and realise how many noggins they have to deal with!!
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