" new website is a cluster****." Discuss.

    I am seriously concerned at just how many problems the good people at are having ever since they relaunched the website. Personally, I had no problems with the old one. The games and consoles were clearly arranged and displayed, and ordering was as simple as "ABC, 123". Now you have to pray to whatever god you choose and hope (and I mean that, HOPE) that your order will go through.

    Let me tell you what has happened to me today.

    This ismy first order in almost two months and:

    1) Ordered my game (thankfully around £10 due to this problem) and usually you are told what you bought. For me it was "nothing", but they charged me. Nice.

    2) My order number is there and is 'pending'. The game value is there, but I've an infinite void of absolutely nothing where the game name should be.

    3) Before the website went down for maintenance there was a very strange occurence where the order value and the credit I used to get a discount on the game were lumped together on my 'balance'. What happened? Negative equity. Now thankfully gone, but I was fearing I'd be charged double.

    4) Now this is my biggest worry. When I click on my order (which is 'pending') I get the following word instead of such details as the name of the game, value and status: "My Account" and then below that, "No details found".

    Now presumably because Shopto are doing work on their warehouse this problem I am having should be sorted? And presumably because the order is 'pending' they cannot charge me for the order before having dispatched the game?

    I think Shopto should undertake a thorough beta test in future. This website has been a bad mistake, I'd actually feel tempted to forgo GAME/Gamestation's abysmal prices in future. Okay, maybe not, but this incident has been a bit shake to my confidence in the Shopto name.


    Probably a quick email to them, by them i mean shopto. Not them as in HUKD misc. And ask them nicely what is going on?

    their website has always been shockingly bad imo!

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    Probably a quick email to them, by them i mean shopto. Not them as in … Probably a quick email to them, by them i mean shopto. Not them as in HUKD misc. And ask them nicely what is going on?

    I'm trying to see what people think here about recent Shopto stuff.

    And funny story... today trying to contact them is tougher than a McDonald's employee attempting to split the atom. Email and Phone methods have simply failed. I'll try again tomorrow.

    I just had the exact same problem. i placed an order got an email saying payment confirmation and says thanks for your order but nothing else. i checked on the order page and says the same thing as yours, pending then you click it and says no details found. i hope they fix this soon and i hope my order goes through ok.

    Yep, their site is a load of poo, really frustrating to use.

    Their website also seems to like to void your password if you open up a ticket with their contact centre. I`ve had it happen to me twice in the past fortnight.

    The fact that their `Password reminder` function wasn`t working didn`t help either.

    Their older website I found too clunky and slow. I haven't actually used the new one much yet though.

    Their website is currently down for maintenance, maybe for this exact problem?

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    Their website is currently down for maintenance, maybe for this exact … Their website is currently down for maintenance, maybe for this exact problem?

    This is something like the third time in 24 hours. Third time lucky, perhaps? I am getting sick of calling them because something like 5,000,000 people are calling them based on their "thank you for calling and being patient" crap. Hire a few more telephone staff, you can afford it with your sales figures!

    yesterday I had similar problems but with a slight twist. I tried to order xbox live 12 months instant code. The result was that after clicking buy with credit card, I had to reenter my details :? Never had this before. I entered everything correctly, got to the verified by visa stage, where I enter the password directly into my bank. It started loading and gave me authorization failed. Checked my account online and well the money was reserved, meaning the bank accepted the password. But I had no order, nothing listed at all under orders, no emails (since apparently it failed). Contacted support, the answer was rather totally useless, just a suggestion not to try to order again to avoidsuch problems. Well this essentially means not buying from them again lol. I wrote back, but nothing yet since the site is down. Apparently they are having some serious issues with their billing, payment, ordering systems after the site upgrade ("downgrade"). I hope they fix the issues (and I get my money or my order back lol).

    Ordered Dragon's Dogma on Monday, within 10mins had photo of my delivery emailed, was on doorstep Tuesday morning, absolutely great, no problems.

    Hard to navigate the site to find deals. They seems slower to dispatch now. I wonder if this is hitting sales. Hope they get it fixed soon.


    i payed for an order using paypal didnt get delivered, no response - had to contact paypal, really poor
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