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Found 28th Oct 2007
hi there, im looking to get a short break organised for the weekend before valentines 08. stay for 2 nights, 2 adults and 1 7yr old child. we like good hotels, nothing below a 3 star. (hopefully a 4 star). flights from newcastle, direct if poss.

if anyone can help me out with this i would be very grateful, it is the anneversary of my mams passing then and it is a difficult time - we went to a local hotel last time and it helped me to focus on otherthings (not rude!:oops: ), hopefully this will do the same. thing is, budget is tight and i would like to get the best possible deal. i know there were some great offers on cheap flights, im not sure if they are still on, or how to book them online, i get confused with all the taxes ect - so any help, suggestions, advice would be very welcome.

i hope someone can help, thank you xxx


I have been to both and had a great time in venice was cold though as went in Dec. Paris not so good was a bit like London with french people! lol. Booked flight with easyjet, then looked through travel brochures to find somewhere we liked then did a search on the net and phoned them up and booked direct which was much cheaper.

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good advice, thank you!

Also make sure your flights go to Venice Marco Polo and Paris Charles de Gaulle as the other airports are further away.
If you go to Venice use the local bus (green one) from the side of the terminal as it is lots cheaper than the tourist bus.
If you go to paris on the train to Paris be FIRM with the beggers or they will not leave you alone on the journey.

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is it hot in venice? (in feb)

No wont be hot, probably not any warmer than here. Tends to rain less so should be dry.

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so would it be better to go in the summer?

Venice can smell a bit honky in high summer - the canals don't always flow well, so it can be a bit stangnant. Best to stick with spring or autumn, IMHO

Have you thought about Barcelona instead? It's not 'hot', but warmer than here, and lots to do and see. Easyjet fly from newcastle direct to barcelona, so I'm sure you'll be able to find a cheap flight.

Easyjet's website now shows prices including taxes so it's really easy to see how much it'll cost you ... just doing a really quick search, I have found flights in late Jan for £38 pp including taxes!

Let me know if you decide to go to barcelona and I can recommend some great tapas bars.

skyscanner is a great place to start as you can search for pretty much anything, as open ended as you like.

Here is a search from Newcastle on that weekend, choose your destination country from the list:


I went to Venice in the few days before xmas and it was magical. Absolutely freezing but it was great to get wrapped up and be on the water.

It meant it wasn't full of tourists and didn't smell. Got to live like a Venetian for a bit. Domina Giudecca is a fantastic hotel.
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