Short-Sizing - Have you noticed your groceries shrinking in size but still paying the same?

Found 23rd Jul 2008
I read an interesting blog on msn money about the rising trend of companies selling the consumer smaller products and yet charging us the same price and in some cases even more. Have you noticed this practice? I know I haven't, maybe it's time to start checking if these are anythining to go by:

"Tescos have changed the packages for their Bakery "Tiger" bread - you now get 600g instead of 800g."
Shredded Wheat - many of you pointed out that there are 27 in a pack instead of 30. All for the same price.
"Muller Vitality yogurts were 150g they have just shrunk to 125g and are still at the same price."
"My wife used to buy Onken Lite fruit Mousses. These are now 1/3 smaller but are still the same price."
"Organic Weetabix has recently reduced it's 'biscuit' size. Because it's sold as a multipack, there's no need to put a weight on the pack, but the nutritional information has changed and the pack is slightly smaller - but there are still 24 biscuits in a pack and that's how it's sold - very cunning!"
"The obvious one is Pringles. They still come in the same size tubes but now hold 170g rather than 200g. There are still a few flavours with 200g in the tubes but most are now 170g."
"Tesco sea salt that was in a 500g container was 93p is now sold in a 350g and is the same price."
"Streamline jam was 480g for £1.19 is now 350g and is the same price."

Meat, fish, poultry, ready meals...

"Tesco barbecue wings used to be 14 pieces--it's now 10."
"I've bought Waitrose minced beef for years and it always used to be 550g but now all their minced meat is 500g for the same or more price."
"ASDA ready meals was 6 for £4 now 5 for £4."
"Birds Eye packs of what used to be 36 fish fingers have shrunk to 30 but the price has stayed the same."
"Tesco changed their battered Cod fillets from 6 packs to 4 packs. They've changed the prices too but the net effect is an increase in price."
"Look out for minced meat; beef, turkey and pork. 500g used to be the standard size but this has dropped to 450g in Asda. I also think salmon fillets have become smaller in Sainsburys but you don't notice because it 2 in a pack so you look at the quantity rather than the overall weight."

Alcohol, soft drinks, water....

"Beer and lager from supermarkets is a culprit. I normally buy cases for cost effectiveness but the case size had already dropped a while ago from 24 to 20 but now it has reduced even further to 18 or 15."
"The beer companies have been at it for ages with bottles. First it was a 24 pack of 330ml then it went to a 20 pack of 300ml, now its packs of 270ml and the price stays the same."
"Strongbow have recently dropped from 18 to 15 cans in a case."
"Tesco own brand cordial that used to be a 1 litre bottle had shrunk down to a 750 ml bottle but gone up in price by 20p."


"There is more water in own brand items such as bath foam and shampoo to keep size and price the same."
"Timotei has just changed the packaging of their product so that the cap is at the bottom - it looks smaller and costs 40p more."
"Toilet rolls are now about three times the diameter and much thinner. The sheets have got smaller and by puffing them up with hot air in manufacture they are not as thick, and there are not so many on the roll."
"Tesco value kitchen roll that I used to get 4 for 99p had shrunk down to just 2 rolls claiming that they are jumbo rolls."
"A cheeky one from Tesco's as the hayfever season got under way..Tescos own brand of hayfever pills..I used to buy a box that lasted a month - one pill per day. One pill per day. The box had 2 blister packs each with 14 pills. NOW.. Same box but only HALF of the spaces are filled with pills.What a waste of packaging, what a bad consumer deal."
"Rennie's is another brand that has shrunk package size. You used to get 96 in a box, now only 72 for the same price. And all this stress is giving me indigestion!"
"Fairy liquid has an offer - buy 2 for £2. If you check the content its gone from 500ml to 400 ml. So we save 50p but lose 200ml."

Biscuits, cakes, sweets, chocolate...

"I am shocked at how small Tracker bars have become, a little like the Wagon Wheel, they seemed so much larger when I was younger!"
"I went to pick up a multi pack of Smarties and it was always a pack of 4 but this time it was a pack of 3. The price was the same though."
Many of you report that Cadburys dairy milk large bars have shrunk from 250g to 230g. "This was cleverly disguised by a simultaneous change in packaging."
There have also been lots of comments about Mars bars - size and quality - but nothing firm on shrinkage for the same or higher cost.

Quotes taken from this source:…cns!DAD574CEBE107D1A!1411.entry
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The liberties that the supermarkets take!
Lynx deodorant did it recently. They used to be 175ml cans with a lid, at around £2 per can, then they repackaged it with a new twist top reduced the spray amount to 150ml and the price went up to £2.25.

Shhhhh, dont tell anyone, must be the lynx effect

DTA :giggle:
The food industry is being hit really hard right now, with numerous budget cuts and job losses.

This is resulting from increased costs for basic components (some oils, some flours, etc), the increased cost of transporting foods (they still need to buy fuel as well), and most importantly, everybody expecting to pay less and less for their groceries.
i noticed in with a bag of salad in asda the other day - it was nearly half the size and yet still the same price - didnt buy it, what a rip off! the other thing i had was in my local coop suddenly their prices on somethings doubled!! a kiwi fruit went up from 29p to 49p, salad from 99p to 2.29 - i complained about it to them and when i ventured back in i noticed that the kiwi is now 39p and the salad 1.69 - think they were trying to pull a fast one!!
It's all very well food prices going up if they really must, but they are doing it in an underhand way by trying to make people think they are getting the same and in a lot of cases they are reducing the amount of things by as much as a third which as a big jump in cost and we aren't being made aware of it. That is what I disagree with most.
good research.

on a similar note. I knew a man (acquaintance) years ago who made £50k as a product design consultant to Colgate for telling them to increase the diameter of their nozzle on toothpaste so you use more each time.

they are always on the look out for how to sqeeze more money out of you
Good thread!
This is nothing new it has been happening for years and years.
The main culprits were the Confectionery manufacturers like Cadbury and Nestle but it does seem more commonplace amongst all manufacturers and suppliers.

In a lot of instances I believe the situation was caused by the Supermarket Buyers squeezing the suppliers and manufacturers on price . It's a real viscous marketplace out there with sometimes the difference between being listed as a stock line or not by a supermarket the make or break of a company.

Now however things are slightly different because the manufacturers and suppliers are looking at increased costs all round, fuel, energy, wages, raw materials etc. If they want to keep the price of their product down they have to look at every angle.

The real story is in looking at who is making the lions share of net profit. That will tell you just who is ripping off who !
Creme eggs, they used to be so much bigger when I was younger.
My nine pack of cadbury dairy milk snack size has reduced from 9 bars to 8, and gone up from £1.49 to £1.96!
Tesco' s own brand cans of ginger beer, cream soda etc usually sell at just over £1 for 6 cans... now it's the same or slightly more for a pack of 4 cans.... makes their own brand as dear or dearer than "real" brands.
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