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Posted 21st Feb
We're pretty sure we're moving later in the year, out of the UK. Hopefully in 4-6 months but could be a bit longer depending how long it takes to sell our house.

Our broadband contract period with PlusNet has just finished so we've gone from paying £27/month to £40+. Other contracts like energy will also be ending in the next month or two.

Are there any short-term options we can switch to, or contracts we can escape from without too big a penalty, or are we stuck on the out-of-contract rates until we move?

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Gas & Elec, move to Octopus for eg, No fees to leave do a uswitch search.
Do you have an old 4G phone ?
If so I think smarty or someone like that has unlimited data through three at £20 a month.…ted
Now tv do broadband without contract
I would recommend getting a sim only deal and then tethering to your devices.
If you’re moving out of the U.K. then some providers might not charge a cancellation fee. Even if they did, they couldn’t get you to pay anyway.
I've done a sim only unlimited data option short term with Smarty before I got a Three contract and it worked perfectly well. You could get a dongle and connect it to your existing router (but that's dependent on the hardware) or just set up an old phone as a permanent hotspot. I did the phone thing for a few months until I got a dedicated 4G router.
Unlimited cellular data via Voxi (Vodafone) currently £10 per month no contract no credit check. Will likely suit your needs until Voxi graduates counting college.
Bulb do not charge an exit fee for gas and electricity.
My broadband was off for five days from last saturday(storm dennis) used voxi sim to stream all I needed, between me my son and wife we used 75gb and was amazed how good it was tbh.
Thanks for the comments. Not sure about the mobile broadband option - our signal is ok, but I work at home so need a constant connection, plus we stream radio and Spotify or iplayer all day, and almost everything we watch is through Netflix, prime or now TV. Might try it out for a day to see how stable it is though.
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