Shoud I get these earhones?

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Found 16th Mar 2011…-21

Seems fairly cheap and have good reviews.

Any other recommendations?

Hanve a budget of £10 for earphones.

Also considering headphones- have a budget of £25 on these. Any recommendations?

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also, is a trusted site?


also, is a trusted site?

yes there fine

Personally would go for these if your spending a tenner…8-1

After having read Stuff magazine's review, am getting these myself.…575


Personally would go for these if your spending a … Personally would go for these if your spending a tenner[][/url]

Yep, just make sure though that you buy them from a reputable seller as there are a lot of fakes about.

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Funny that. I had the mdr 570s and got rid of them. Sound wasn't to my liking or what I was used to so am looking a replacement for those headphones.

Decided to stick with the Sony MDRE10LPL as after reading reviews, it seems they fit cofortably in ears and as i'm going to only be using them when cycling, they seem perfect.


go for … go for this:[][/url]

On a tenner budget?

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