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Found 17th Oct 2016
Help needed. I have worked for a cleaning company for 12 weeks and they are saying my permanent contract starts 1st October. They are saying I have not accrued holidays as I was a cover worker. I have looked at Gov website and feel I should have accrued holidays. Any help would be appreciated.

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I would suggest that you contact one of the following organisations as they will be able to give you the correct advice:

Citizens Advice
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My understanding is that holiday pay only kicks in after 12 weeks by law.

It may be worth checking your contract to see if it states earlier though.

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The problem is I haven't signed a contract or anything. I worked to cover staff holidays and to be trained up to cover the hours of an employee that has now left. All I have are wage slips.

You should have earned 12.07% of any hours worked as holiday contact CAB ASAP

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my Employer is going to check with her Accountant on Monday... Just need all information I can too fight my corner.

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My boss has been in contact with ACAS and they have told her I should have been accruing holidays. Thanks for all your help.

You accrue holiday pay at 12.07 % regardless of whether your on zero hours or permanent. I process holiday pay for several recruitment agencies and it is the same principal whether you are long term or work 1 hour per week.
Don't let them fob you off. You can ask them to incorporate your holiday pay into your hourly rate so let's say you were on 7.20 per hour they wouldmred to increase to 8.07 per hour that way you are being paid your holiday pay as you work.

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