should hbos/lloyds staff get their bonus?

    not talking about the management who absolutely should get nothing imho-but I see the unions are demanding that the ordinary staff should get their 1700 pound bonus-but what is this for? do they get it just for turning up at work?

    surely a bonus is linked to the performance of the company? why should anyone involved get a single penny when savers get their interest rates cut to next to nothing?


    My supermarket cashier told me that his friend was paying for a holiday to Dubai with his bonus!!
    I can't even afford a trip to Dudley

    Problem is that many companies these days don't give regular wage reviews. They offer performance related schemes and bonuses are part of that. Really seems unfair to penalise the workers on £17k but if the bonus system is stopped then a new review procedure will have to be put in place. Maybe I am cynical relating to this subject but I feel that the lower paid workers are being highlighted not because the bank feels sorry for them, but because the ones expecting larger payments want to keep the bonus system in place

    "performance related pay"
    They did not perform well, so no bonus. It's simple & thats what happens where I work.

    The bankers have been getting away with these mega bonuses for too long now but theres a get out clause because if they are going bust the government will step in too help. same old story rich get richer poor get taxed more.

    Funny thing is, what have HBOS (and every other bank) preached to the masses for decades? "Save some money for a rainy day in our bank accounts!". So WTF have they been doing with all the profits all these years? saving it so they are stable in an depression? No, the top people have been spending it. I have been with HBOS for 30 years but would have been glad if they went bust & because the way they haverun the company into the ground whilst paying themselves massive bonuses is basically organised crime.

    I still believe bonuses should be given to all members of the company as an equal amount. £n in the bonus pot divided by the number of staff, the ones at the bottom feel more benefit because of there low wage & the ones at the top (6 figure salaries) feel like they are getting nothing compared to their monthly wage. All the people in the company contribute equally to the companies sucess.

    How about this then for pure greed;
    "BP's profit rose 39% for 2008 as a whole to $25.593bn"
    "BP's chief executive Tony Hayward said that that BP was striving to reduce costs, with 3,000 jobs lost in 2008 and cuts expected to exceed 5,000 by the middle of 2009"

    Why do they need to reduce costs if they made $25.59bn? Where does it all go?

    rant over.
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