Should Hillary Clinton even be on the ballot paper on election day?

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Posted 11th Sep 2016
Hard for even the most ardent Democrat to continue to ignore the growing evidence that Hillary Clinton is not at all well.

- Unusually rare public or press conference appearances for a candidate.

- Thought to be experiencing regular neurological / cognitive episodes.

- Physically being helped to climb small flights of stairs.

- Evidence of short, seizure like, incidents being caught on camera.

- Dressing in order to conceal a defibrillator vest underneath clothing.

- Uncontrolled coughing fits on occasions when speaking.

- Mysterious, sudden and premature death of doctor who raised concerns.

- A number of physicians suggest that she has advanced vascular dementia.

- A complex medical history raises question of suitability for POTUS / CiC.

This has culminated in it being reported that she fainted or collapsed at the 9/11 ceremony today. Although it is not deemed to be especially warm today, it is being spun that she became unwell due to the excessive heat.

We could all take issue with some of the 10 points above, but hard to ignore them all, or dismiss them as Republican spin.

I would love nothing more than to see a female U.S. President - but Hillary is wholly unsuitable for a number of reasons in addition to her health. Is she being selfish with the U.S. electorate by presenting herself for election for the next 4 to 8 years?
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