Found 13th Nov 2007
I sent something over 2 weeks ago and it arrived ok, but shows as waiting for delivery on website, I phone today and am given an excuse there is a huge backlog right now and it will be sorted and cash on my card in 2 days.

When I sold some things 2 months ago I had a similar problem, it showed delivered after a few days but took about a month to get payment.

Are they just making excuses and being lazy?

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Making excuses, yes, lazy, NO !

The longer they can take to pay you the more chance they will have sold your item. If they do that to everyone then their cash flow will be superb and the Directors, shareholders etc etc will all be happy chappies and chapesses !

Financially it's a bit like owning say a fruit and veg shop and having a monthly account with your supplier. You should always have sold your stock before you need to pay for it.

Morally it's a different story and you would have to look at Cex's terms and conditions to know whether they are indeed breaking them by keeping you waiting so long.
I somehow doubt it !
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