Should I buy a bike from Halfords?

Found 5th Jun 2011
I'd like to get a bike for occasional use and there are some on Halfords at the moment cheap as chips, with various voucher codes I could get one for £112!

The question is though, should I? I see Halfords getting slated a lot for selling cheap crappy bikes - but I definitely don't want to spend a fortune on one and it's only likely to get used a few times per month on cycle tracks.

So would a cheap Halfrods bike suit my needs or would it literally be pointless getting one?

Thanks for any advice. Also this is the Halfords bike I am considering.…499
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Work it out based on milage. I recon the average Halfords bike is good for around 1000 miles before it needs a major overhaul (new bearings, sprockets etc.). They are very good value for kids who will either quickly outgrow it or forget where they left it but not such good value for the serious biker who wants a bike they can keep for several years.
for a few times a month of riding, i'd say go for it.
The apollo range is Halfords own bargain basement brand. They will do exactly what you want and because the profit margin on this range is so high, if you do have any problems with the bike, they usually will offer you a new replacement instead of mending it.

My son was going to buy the Apollo Phaze, but ended up buying the Carrera Vulcan Disc, which is still a Halfords branded bike, but better spec.

For what you're going to use it for, you should be fine.

Another place to try is Tesco. If anything goes wrong within the first year, you can take it back and they'll just refund you!!
For cycle tracks, i wouldnt recommend an Apollo full suspension.
Also its a 14" frame in the desciption, thats a bit small.

Even from the reviews on their website, its heavy and someone had their rear cassette break on the first ride within half a mile.
My son has been riding a Halfords Apollo full suspension bike to college every day for eighteen months. In that time it has cost £40 for a service at a local repair shop, which included one new tyre and a new back brake. Apart from that it has been fine. It's not a great bike, but it does what he needs and has saved him a fortune in bus fares.
Steer well clear of any cheap full-suspension bike; worthwhile full-suspension is very expensive and you are highly unlikely to see it on a bike under £500. You are far better off trying to find a decent hardtail (or for mainly on-road cycling, a hybrid bike); this bike will be heavy, cheaply built and very spongey to ride (slow and inefficient!)

NB The bike apparently weighs 17.7kg; that is very heavy indeed for a bike. You should be able to find a budget aluminium framed hard-tail with basic but decent quality components for not too much more (certainly under £200 if you shop around for last-years models) which will last a lot longer and be much more enjoyable to ride...
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