Should I buy a HDTV now or not?

    I'm thinking of buying the LG 22" M227WD HD 1080p (Full HD) Freeview Widescreen LCD TV/ Monitor which is £199.99 at at the moment, but I dunno if I should or not.

    It seem's like a bargain, but I'm not gonna use it for HD gaming or Blu-Rays, just watching regular DVD's mainly, plus we don't have a very good Freeview signal where I live at the moment, so that would featur wouldn't be used much either.

    Am I right in thinking that i should hold off for now and buy one maybe at the end of the year/2010 when there's a better deal or when I have my own Blu-Ray player or something.

    The widescreen aspect does appeal to me though, as I am used to watching all my films on a normal SDTV.


    id say if you aint gonna change your viewing habits - stick with your current tv

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    Yeah, no need to waste money for now - it's more of a 'want' rather a 'need' - plus my mum is going on and on about this digital switchover which makes it sound like she must have a new TV right now lol Confusing!

    Hopefully soon they'll have a 26/32" or so full HD TV for less than £250

    The longer you can wait the better deal you would get.

    I would reccomend that you go for a 32"+ as a miniumum opposed to the 22" you want.. just make sure it is 1080 and has HDMI connections... the quality of gaming and movies is something amazing. ( I know you do not want it for gaming it is just for anyone else that might like to know that info)

    Another thing is if you have a PS3 or a 360.. if you play a game in full 1080 or view your homepage at 1080 the txt will look much smaller than it would on a larger screen.

    Just to give you some inside information... 32" screens - 47" screens are being ordered in larger numbers than 22" screens.. so what you will see is for maybe £20-40 extra you will get a much larger screen. You will see this on online websites.

    The longer you wait the better technology will get and the cheaper prices will become. How long do you realistically want to wait though? If your not in a tearing hurry, then I guess waiting a while isn't a bad thing if your looking for a low price. If the technology you needs is somewhat specialist and current models don't have something your looking for then I'd certainly say to wait. Other than that I'd suggest looking around now to find out exactly what your after and keep an eye on prices as every once in a while, the exact model your after may become an absolute bargain somewhere.

    In general, prices do come down although recently, many of the Japanese manufacturers put up prices but those will fall. I would also suggest that a 22" screen is more suitable for a small room or bedroom. It's worth doing a bit of homework to see what's right for you, perhaps a visit to avforums is a good idea, that's what I did and I waited some 6 months before dipping my toe into making my first LCD purchase!!

    Good luck whatever you do.

    There is always something better around the corner :whistling:


    There is always something better around the corner :whistling:

    Definitely. Whenever you buy something, months or even weeks you will find something its just matter of when you want it really.
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