Should i buy a microsoft surface pro 4?

    Should I buy a Microsoft surface pro 4 with an i5 processor and 128gb ssd for £655 or get something else?


    I use one for work, would advise against it.

    Surely only you can answer this question. Entirely depends on what you need it for and if it fulfils your requirements.

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    Can I ask why you would advise against it and also of you have any other suggestions?

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    Surely only you can answer this question. Entirely depends on what you … Surely only you can answer this question. Entirely depends on what you need it for and if it fulfils your requirements.

    I'm not sure whether there was any other good alternatives for a 2 in 1 laptop at a similar price ?

    I have two children one in uni the other in secondary school. They have a pro 3 and pro 4 between them. They have no complaints. I think they're a lovely bit of kit. Depends what you want your requirements are though I guess.

    when you say something else what woudl that include, are you just looking for a screen interface computer device or a way to spend £655, it's a very vague question. I can't help but think of 65,500 cola bottle sweets, obviously could get more at wholesale.

    Should not.

    5 might be out soon. might. work out if the form factor is necessary, you can get the same spec in a laptop for less. they are very nice pieces of kit, though noticeably thicker, noisier and clunkier than a an iPad, the reason being it's more powerful being a proper PC.

    I've had one since launch and sure while there have been issues early on... Like most products, they've been fixed and fixed well with all of them being software bugs.
    It's fast, fairly light and the power it punches is great. Its my own personal one but I use it for work type stuff so it runs the standard Microsoft suite but also virtual machines.
    I can't complain at all about it and really so enjoy being able to carry a powerful machine which ultimately is tablet form

    No get a dell xps 13 best windows machine

    Do you want one? If yes, get one. If no, don't.

    Not this model. For casual use, just go for a M3 model.

    PS: Agent of SHIELD is using surface...
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    I would go for something else. I have had two 2 in 1 detachable tablet/pc's and found both frustrating. The first was the Miix 300 which offered excellent value with a loverly 1920 x 1200 screen. However it was flawed by the fact that the screen could only be fixed in on position and the balance was wrong. The second one I bought was the Asus T300chi. I felt every time I opened it and pushed the screen back it was going to break. The screen size felt wrong too at 12.5", more widescreen and I didn't like it. I won't buy another detachable 2 in 1 no matter what the spec or the price.

    What I did buy was a refurbished Lenovo Yoga 300 from ebay argos to try. This I like. 360 degree screen which folds flat and although it's a bit fat to use as a tablet the facility it can be used like a tent is perfect for watching videos. I will be upgrading the Yoga 300 this year for another Lenovo, HP or Dell which have the same 2 in 1 facility.

    I bought the m3 model on Black Friday & was very disappointed with it. Build quality didn't seem great - mine suffered from really bad light bleed (which seems quite common). But most surprising was the fact that a product made by Microsoft ran Windows 10 so poorly. Even after all the firmware/ software updates it was riddled with bugs. Battery life was terrible to boot. I returned mine within 48 hours.

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