Should I buy a new Xbox 360 Slim or a PS3?

    My original 360 has had the three red lights 3 times now... i have attempted to fix it, but think it's about time to bite the bullet with the next COD around the corner. Just wondered what people would recommend...




    Well there somethings to factor in:

    1) will you be using the console online alot ?

    If you do there no charge for online compared to the monthly perscription on xbox live. This also mean that alot more people are on the Playstation network making for easier game set up. Although xbox live is maintained better than the PSN.

    2) Do you need the extras ?

    DO you really need the extra that the ps3 provides i.e. the blu ray drive yes it a great add on but if you don't have a hd telly or any notion of purchasing the more expensive blu rays I would tend to go for the xbox in this case.

    3) reliability

    From what I've heard both consoles are now as reliable as each other so there no worries here.

    4) exclusives

    Is there any exclusives that the xbox that you would miss if you moved over to the ps3, I know if I moved away from my PS3 I would miss heavy rain.

    My personal opinion: I personally go with the xbox 360 slim not only is it alot smaller than the ps3 but the online community is well maintained and is generally just better. The blu-ray player is a lovely idea on the ps3 but in the 3 years I have had a blu ray player in the ps3 I've had one blu ray boxset and thats the back to the future trilogy.

    I even have a ps3 and say go for the xbox would be shifting over too but I have about 200 pound would of dlc on rock band that keeps me there.

    And the price difference between the console isn't worth it.

    "Just wondered what people would recommend... "

    Reading the other 500 threads asking the same thing which always end up in Xbox360 vs PS3 fanboy arguments!
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    Get a hamster


    get both ..…s3/

    I have both.

    I prefer the exclusives on the PS3...
    Killzone 2
    Uncharted 1 & 2
    Metal Gear Solid 4 etc.

    You get more value from the PS3 out of the box. (rechargeable straight away, internet browser etc.)

    The online's not all that bad but Xbox Live is better.

    I would go for the PS3

    take advice from people who have both

    i have both and prefer ps3.

    Seems one thread a week is needed for this topic.
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    i HAD both got rid of ps3 hardly played it only had it for blue ray player and that wasnt very good

    bless, the bluray player of the ps3 is brill, even does 3D, when it first came out it was tested against £800/£1000 blu players and won, me thinks your a 360 fanboy.
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