Should I buy an HD DVD

    I am not fully up to date with the latest trends, I have a bog standard DVD player and watch it on a HD ready TV.
    Should I buy a HD DVD player, if so, what cables to I need to watch it in hi def, or do I buy a blu ray DVD player as I don't know anything about blu ray.
    Is the picture quality much better than a normal DVD player?????


    Go Blu-Ray, as HD-DVD is dead in the water. Sure, HD-DVD players and discs are ultra-cheap at the moment but that's because they are being discontinued. Blu-Ray appears to be the future format. Smart money would be on picking up a PlayStation 3 at around £280 as it has Blu-Ray built-in.

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    Cheers, do I need to buy different cables for this and will a HD ready TV improve the pic?

    You will need a HDMI cable (around £15ish) available from your local electrical dealer or on the net ( have a good reasonable priced selection)
    You can get a standalone Blu-ray player for around £200 but I recommend you get a PS3 as for the extra £80 you then have a top games console, Blu-ray player, Internet and Music/media player! - You can't go wrong!

    Hdmi can be found for a less than a fiver online

    Assuming that you aren't just yanking our chains; Passenger 57 and Barriey are right in what they say; and yes if you want to get a HD player you need an HD screen and probably need to upgrade your Sky package to HD etc. etc. - TBH if you like the pictures you see at the moment stick with what you've got.

    get cheap hd dvd player. a couple of hd movies included and dvd upscaling on your old ones
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