Should I buy an iPad or wait?

Found 17th Feb 2011

Here is the dilemma, I really want an iPad, (I know, I know a waste of money) but I have thought about it for ages now and I think I will use it.

So, should I buy one now? Or wait for the iPad 2?

P.S please don't tell me to get an android tablet because I don't want one.

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Apple RARELY drop their prices, even if they have something new coming out the next week.

iPad II looks to be worth the wait - resist the temptation
Personally I'd take advantage of those who are trying to get rid of the iPad 1 and get a 16GB or 32GB at a knockdown price. The iPad 2 wont be that much of a change as Apple wont want to alienate early adopters 3 things we all know about the ipad 2 is:

1. Same screen resolution 1024 x 768
2. Camera's for facetime
3. Dual core processor - but will developers use it to it's potential, the current iPad doesnt use what it's got now as most apps are for the 3gs and gradually coming around to the iPhone 4, which is what the iPad 1 has got (minus some memory)

It's upto you really, you can get a bargain now and have an iPad 1 or spend the cash on a shiny new iPad 2 for upwards of 30% more money
i know many who bought the ipad and either sold it on fleebay with a loss or its in a drawer gathering dust

you can do much more with android

simple tasks like typing up letters, printing, bluetoothing etc etc become so difficult to do with the ipad

See this reflects what i am thinking, people saying get one, some saying no, some saying android...

Its such as hard decision....
Apple are just money grabbers,the ipad is not worth what you pay for, Wait and get the new galaxy s or table you can do a lot more with this nice little tablet
Yeah but im just really not interested in android, i like the operating system on the iPad (I have an iPhone)
Do it. Buy one. Do it for Steve!
I get the impression that the rule is, if you like fancy gadgets, just want to consume and not create or respond, and can consume internet without any Flash pages (which means no multimedia internet), an iPad is a fancy gadget that you might enjoy using.

Personally, I have a netbook and a smartphone, and I find the pairing indispensable. The phone does me for everyday digital comms and internet, the netbook makes typing and browsing far easier thanks to its bigger screen, the phone gives internet access to the laptop, and the laptop gives charge to the phone, which can be a godsend when I'm further afield than just the daily routines entail. I did think of getting an iPad, but it'd just be an orphan, and not being necessary probably means it won't be used.
Prices should drop as PC world (equanet) and Dabs are competing each other on prices at least for corporate customers and that should have a trickle down affect hopefully

Erm having said that I bought one three weeks back could not resist the temptation

If you want one, can afford it and wont feel hard done by when the next edition arrives then go for it. I bought a 32gb 3G before Xmas and I've got to say I'm enjoying it greatly. Yeah sure their not the best for typing up letters etc but that's not what it's aimed at.
The initial reason I bought it was for long flights but I've found myself using it everyday mostly browsing while watching tv and bit of games.
I really wanted one from a deal on here and was bored with it after a week.

On the bright side i got a good deal and made a £20 profit on it on eBay. lol
I really loved my iPad, but over time I found it to be just like the iPhone!! If you haven't got an iPhone then you would love the iPad.

In light of iPad 2, I would wait, because it will be a much better package, pricing is always going to be the same with Apple products in demand, like iPads / iPhones etc.
Thanks for the input guys, I'm starting to lean towards waiting now...

Maybe at least till it gets announced and what will be on the new one

Thanks for the input guys, I'm starting to lean towards waiting … Thanks for the input guys, I'm starting to lean towards waiting now...Maybe at least till it gets announced and what will be on the new one

Think of Steve though.

Think of Steve though.

You are right, I'm being selfish, poor Steve, I'll order 10 now
iPad is worth it if you travel a lot, read a lot and give presentations frequently.

You are right, I'm being selfish, poor Steve, I'll order 10 now

He will die happy now.
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