Should I buy Batman Arkham Knight on Xbox Store?

Found 6th Apr 2018
Or should I wait? Is there a better deal?
Is £14 quid too much for this game and wait till it goes down further?

I think the last 3 sales on the Xbox store its been £14. I don’t want buy now then the next sales lower.
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It's £10 from CEX
If you're up for region swapping (you'll have to buy some US credit), the Premium edition with all the DLC has been as low as $16. WB games are always a lot cheaper is US dollars than in GBP, and with US credit easily available it's worth the extra effort.

Although the Premium edition isn't currently on sale, which is unusual as it almost always is when the game's on sale.
Wait until Black Friday
SJHan16 h, 14 m ago

It's £10 from CEX

Cheers for your comment!

I would buy it from there but not having to change discs is a big pro with the digital copy.
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