Should i buy Gt sport ps4?

Found 22nd Dec 2017
I'm not sure whether to buy gt sport for the ps4 or not. I was looking at the black Friday deals where I would get it with the vr headset but when i did a search to see how the game was, people were saying that's it's only multiplayer. I left it but when I spoke to my friend he mentioned that they might add single player to the game.

So I wanted to know whether it has been added or was he joking?

I just want to buy it so that I can play the single player part that was in every gt game from the start.
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A single player campaign has been added in the latest update, but I've not tried it since.

Before that there were just challenges like the old licences.

I've never been one to play online games, but was very excited to win my first race the other day.

The VR is very limited. You can unlock all of the cars and tracks, but you can only do a 1 on 1 race against the computer opponent. And they are very easy to beat. Still great fun though.
@Bobbajob Thanks for the confirmation.!

Any one that has played single player mode say whether it is like previous versions of GT or not?
it's nothing like previous versions, it's very bare bones but it's probably worth £15 I'd say now at most.
@Snakeyes646 thanks for the reply...its about £18 from so I might get it now

Hopefully they will add more content
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