Should I buy now or wait - Naim Mu So Qb speaker system?

Posted 11th OctEdited by:"0BS1D1AN"
So I'm having a hard time deciding whether to get a Naim Mu So Qb speaker (for the bedroom).
The new Qb gen 2 is out but the price is quite steep. I can get a 1st gen Mu So from Peter Tyson for £549 and although I'd love to, thats too big and hefty for my room (and I'll be sitting too close to it).

The 1st gen Qb's are on sale at RicherSounds for £470 right now on clearance (open box) or there's a guy on eBay willing to let one go (he says its new, open box, only been turned on) for £400.

Million dollar question, do I pull the trigger now, do I wait for Black Friday? Do I wait for Christmas??

Any help and ideas would be appreciated!
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If in doubt, wait.
0BS1D1AN11/10/2019 21:44

Until when

Until you see a good offer on them or until the next generation version is released whenever.
This why I'm having a hard time. New generation is out, 1st gen is discounted but also discontinued, not sure how long they're going to keep cropping up.
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