should i buy skyrim or the witcher 3 on ps4?

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Witcher 3 for Story, Skyrim for exploring.. both great games in there own right.

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Witcher 3 for Story, Skyrim for exploring.. both great games in there own … Witcher 3 for Story, Skyrim for exploring.. both great games in there own right.

​cheers:) will eventually get both, just wanting one now haha

As you want both.
I'm guessing that Skyrim will get cheaper quicker than Witcher 3. So Witcher now, skyrim in a while when it has fallen in price.

Witcher 3 gets my vote

Skyrim is one of my favourite all time games, yet to play witcher. toughie lol, don't think you'll be disappointed either way bud, good luck choosing :-)

Witcher 3


Witcher 3 GOTY is cheaper than Skyrim and is a better game, Skyrim was immense for last gen, Witcher surpassed it, Story, graphics and game play all better.

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thanks all looks like witcher it is then!

Deffo Geralt now with the GOTY version, by the time you have gone through that lot Skyrim 2 - Skyharder will be out!

I would go for the witcher 3 to start with. Such an amazing game and the dlc is superb especially blood and wine.

I havent played skyrim on the ps4 yet but I have the remastered version on the pc and it they have done a good job with updating it. Shame they didn't update the animations a bit though to go with the graphics.

Witcher 3 . It's kind of like skyrim but better in every way .
TBH I found skyrim boring , the story isn't great and most of the side quests are dull and the combat system is unintuitive . But lots of people love it so I am the minority in this case
I would recommend dragons dogma over skyrim too

The Witcher series are great but I'd pick Skyrim, It's still one of my all time favorite games.

Wow can't believe how many people are saying witcher over skyrim, not cool guys. Not cool.

Not played Witcher 3 but tried and tried and tried to get into Witcher 2 and couldn't. Skyrim all day every day. 200+ Hours

the biggest question is 'have you played Skyrim before when it was originally released?' If yes,then definitely Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3 is technically on a different level..
However Skyrim is a fantastic game...
I would personally play skyrim remastered first then in a few months time trade it in for Witcher 3 GOTY edition

i have both and completed both. both take longer than u think to do

I have both but loved Skyrim more - takes forever to complete so definitely worth the money!
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