Should I buy these

Found 7th Jan 2009
Should i buy these headphones, are the good quality and a good price.


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depends what you're wanting to use them for. If you're DJing on a budget then they're probably ok, but I'd spend a bit more on something with a wider frequency response if it were me and I was wanting headphones for home use. They're going to be a £40 set of headphones no matter what and wont perform like something more expensive.

Sennheiser used to be the daddies of headphones, not sure if thats still the case? Heard good things about Skullcandy too although they seem to get slated on the play.com reviews.
I need them for iPod and home, ive been looking around for Sennheiser but they are out of my price range.

Theres a few pairs of Senn's on play for under £30 with good reviews, but they're not as portable and I'm not sure their cheaper stuff is as good as the top end, £100+ stuff.

check out the skullcandy's though, try and find a non-play.com review as people seem to be knocking them for the colours and stuff and not rating them on the sound.
Ok, cool.
Always liked the sound quality on Grado's :thumbsup:
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