Should I buy this from the paper.....

    This is a 360 in the paper which I am wandering about purchasing...

    Here is what the package is:

    Xbox 360 elite 120 gb 2 months old
    2 wireless controllers
    HDMI cable
    Bioshock, Fable II, Mass effect, Mirrors edge, Kung Fu Panda and Lego indiana jones

    All this is £150, what do you think?



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    Yes its local :P I might pop down to look lol



    Yes its local :P I might pop down to look lolThanks

    id go-offer 140 cash and itl prob be accepted!:thumbsup:

    if it's only 2 months old then also ask for the receipt. It will show they haven't stolen it and also you might need it to take it back if it breaks etc.

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    I will ask them for that Cheers guys.
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