Should i buy Virtua Tennis 3 or Top Spin 3?

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Found 16th Jul 2008
I would like to buy a tennis game.

Has anyone played both and could recommend which one is better?

I can get Virtua Tennis for £12 which is a good deal and very tempting.

Also how long can you play each games for without getting bored?



I've had VT for about 4 months now, and am not bored of it yet. It's more of a pick-up-and-play game than Top Spin, but you can't go online with it. Played the demo of Top Spin 3 and it was good, but I still prefer VT.

Top Spin 3 is awesome!

in my opinion, is much better than Virtual tennis cos I prefer more simulated games but if you prefer Arcade tennis then go for Virtual Tennis. If you prefer Simulation, go for Top Spin 3.

Its kinda like the Forza and Pgr4 debate. It really does depend on what you prefer

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Cheers for the replies.

I think i will go for VT3 simply because of the price.

If anyone else has any opinions on the matter please let me know, cheers.

I has to be top spin 3

but you can download the demo's from xbox live and give them both a try :thumbsup:

i heard the xbox and nintendo wii version hasn't got nadal?
I prefer virtua tennis but if you want simulator then top spin. Virtua tennis is more fun if playing with friends

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I downloaded the demo of TS3 off PSN and the players seem sooooo slow when moving. It also seems imposible to get an ace.

Is it the same in the real game?

VT3 = Arcade Game

TS3 = Tennis Simulator

top spin everytime it worth the extra money

virtual tennis is boring and repetitive. No wonder its less than £15 on the PS3


VT3 = Arcade GameTS3 = Tennis Simulator

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