Should I complain

    First hi im new here.

    What happened was I purchased a preowned Playstation 2 from my local Game, on getting home it didnt work well, games or dvds took a minute or so to load, though cd's and ps1 games were fine.

    As I was working I couldnt go back for a week.

    Took it in and the girl who served me was [pushy and kept asking if I wanted an exhange, but they had none in stock so it would be goods or a credit note to the value.

    I said refund and every time I did something happened, like the phone rang, or she dropped games off the counter and had to pick them up

    Then she said she would ring another store and get them to send one. Then said they were out of stock.

    I again asked for a refund and was told they dont refund as the box was open! I said how was I supposed to test it if the box wasnt opened, she just said I would have to wait until one was traded in which might take weeks or months!

    I went home and phoned customer services which were closed(this was last night)

    I ring back today and they phone store and advisor says the girl claims she offered me a refund and I asked for an exchange!

    I go back to store to get abuse from the manager the first thing she does when I walk in is say to the assistant manager "thats that refund, just give it to him as im not willing to deal with it" I speak to the guy and politley asked if they could ring when one was in to be told they got one in for me that morning as I requested and I didnt give them enough time to sort it then I had got her and her staff in trouble in a loud tone of voice, and I ask if I can buy it and she refuses to sell it to me so I just walk off.

    So now I have the refund but I dont like her tone of voice, and she was the same last year when I had a faulty ds charger saying they cant be faulty when they are new.

    And I dont want her to treat others this way



    just be happy you got the refund in the end


    I'd write to Head Office and complain for sure.

    Yeah i'd complain.....


    I'd write to Head Office and complain for sure.

    I'd do the same as Prissy. Keep the letter polite and factual but make sure to state how dissatisfied you were with their attitude and manner. :thumbsup:

    Welcome to the forums by the way.
    If you'd rather contact them via the website here's the link for contacting them : ]http//ww…nav

    Original Poster

    Thanks, noticed my message was a bit garbled I spoke to the assistant manager who was a guy, and the manager talked over him and butted in.

    I think a letter to head office is more formal

    Yup I'd complain for sure, The shop workers should be polite as possible, More so when you've got a problem!


    shop workers should be polite as possible, More so when you've got a … shop workers should be polite as possible, More so when you've got a problem!


    omg if i treated customers like that i would get sacked you are meant to be polite no matter what the case

    I have just had to complain to BT about their Broadband and pointed out that their customer service left a lot to be desired and guess what?! I'm getting a gesture of goodwill and a letter saying that they are so sorry for the service I had:)

    I think it pays to complain because how else are Head Office going to know of any local problems. Your complaint might add weight to other complaints about the store so a training issue might need to be addressed....yep....i have worked in customer service too!

    It doesn't hurt to be polite and at the end of the day, you are the reason why they are working and getting paid a salary. There are always 2 sides to every story and you should put yours in writing. After all, you aren't hoping to get anything out of it so they will see that it is a genuine complaint. If you went in guns blazing wanting a gesture of goodwill, then they would think you were chancing it! Hope that makes sense. You don't need to write an essay, just be polite and see what happens.

    Good luck :thumbsup:
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