Should i fix my plasma? risky....

    Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to see what other people would do!
    I have a 4 year old plasma that went "pop" the other day.
    the screen doesnt display anything at all but the power led works on and off etc...
    Its out of warranty and obv abit old but its a good tv.
    We purchased a new LG LCD full hd all singing etc.. to replace it.
    Ive found out that its blown a fuse inside the old tv and when i replaced it, it blew again straight away.
    A TV repair guy said its the ZSUS board thats gone (which makes sense as its that board which is blowing fuses) and replacing it should* fix it.
    Now he has a board for £100 shipped (cant find cheaper)

    Do i attampt to fix it (very easy to fit the new board) and gamble £100 that it will work again.
    or not bother and scrap/sell it as damaged/spares.
    Seems a waste of a 42" plasma to just scrap it

    What would you do?


    Do you have household contents insurance? you may be able to claim for repairs or a relacement ( even if you've already bought one)

    I dont think i'd feck about in the back of a tv incase I blew up.

    Well, over in the Deals section right now, you can pick up a 42" HD Ready plasma for £450, so in effect, you'd be paying £350 extra for:

    1) Better image quality
    2) Higher resolution
    3) Updated features
    4) Probably more Inputs
    5) Probably more outputs
    6) 1yr guarantee of a working TV
    7) Maybe better power consumption, plus various other improved features

    You can also sell the faulty TV on eBay or Gumtree wherever, and you're likely to claim maybe £200 for it in its faulty state. You absolutely *must* advertise it as being known-faulty if you're doing that, but you often will find that people with the skillz to repair will buy for far more than you'd expect, since refurb TVs sell for pretty decent money.

    Worst case scenario, you're paying £350 for the list as above. Best case, you're paying maybe only £100 for all those neat benefits. Given that the ZSUS board could very well fail again (maybe an undiagnosed failure is causing the failure of the ZSUS, maybe it's a dodgy part, or maybe it isn't even the ZSUS that's gone), my money would be on selling the old one as faulty and buying that new one right now.


    Do you have household contents insurance? you may be able to claim for … Do you have household contents insurance? you may be able to claim for repairs or a relacement ( even if you've already bought one)


    Original Poster

    im an IT technician so its alot less complex to some of the stuff i work with day-to-day and all else im stuck with as the company "Otron" who made the TV has gone bust and the warranty is gone and i already bought a new TV after finding out a repair place wanted £400 to fix this one.
    So i wouldnt claim on my insurance as its not worth it for a 4 year old TV and i already replaced it so to speak...
    the back of the TV is just a bunch of boards seperated by wires and a screen, doesnt look far off a pc setup with a PSU, graphics boards etc...
    I dont mind playing with the insides of it, just dont want to spent £400 fixing a 4 year old TV worth £250~ but for £100 its a cheap spare for the bedroom!


    I'd give it a go, if he assures you that the prob will be fixed by the board.
    Thing is...if you were offered that telly, working for £100, would you stump up?

    Original Poster

    Basically, he offers no assurance other than the board hes selling works and 9 out of ten times its just that.
    "The power board must be working for it to blow the fuse on the ZSUSTAIN board therefor replacing the ZSUS board will usually fix it"

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