Found 18th Nov 2008
A simple yes or no will do
BUT an explanation either way will be nice


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Yes, all four.

No.......leaves a bitter metallic taste in ones mouth

no - it looks horrid -prone to infection - makes you look 'rough'

just no lol

alot of job places wont allow it lol and makes people stare and old people tut :-P

nope i dont like em


Yes, all four.


no-i think it would hurt:oops:

no me and my sis both went thru that stage, she got hers done and i never. she never wears hers anymore and i'm glad i didn't :-D

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i'm only 15 btw

and a guy jsut so you no :?

It's your body - does it matter what other people think?

No. Don't do it.

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It's your body - does it matter what other people think?

No, but just wanted your opinions :oops:

my sister got it done, it got infected and meant she couldn't get a job at a nursery she wanted to work at.


don't go there


i'm only 15 btwand a guy jsut so you no :?

I would still say no - but its your choice at the end of the day

no no no

I say no only because of your age when i was younger i had tattoos and piercings where theey wouldn't been seen if i changed my mind about them. maybe go for a tongue stud instead

no no noooooooooooo

No No No!!


i'm only 15 btwand a guy jsut so you no :?


Well, given that you are only 15, if you are anything like my kids, if I said 'no' that would make them definately want to have it done!

So I would be inclined to use the reverse psychology technique and say 'yes' I think you should do it! :whistling: (Even though they just look bl**dy awful and you will only ever be able to attract the ugly girls he he!)

Yes because I like them. However most respectable places won't do it at your age.

Unlike a lot of other piercings, this one can leave a lasting scar or lump when removed. Not many become infected but if they do, scarring and lump is inevitable

If this is across the vermillion line (where your lips ends and skin begins, red to white) it will be permanently noticable. I deal with many peoples scars, facial ones are the worst to deal with.

But my son told me he wanted a sign that he was once a teenager, for when he's old, (told him to get his pen*s done), he got eyebrow done instead.....phew

Tongue ones seem to cause the most problems IMO

had my tongue bar in for 3 years now with no problems, feel wierd without it

I Would If Brave Enough

wanted my lip done, felt too old now and work say no

it doesn't matter what anyone advises you to do cos i told my daughter not to get her lip,tongue and eyebrow done(not all at the same time!) and she regretted all of them

nope, I too went through that phase, chickened out and glad I did...urgh.


had my tongue bar in for 3 years now with no problems, feel wierd … had my tongue bar in for 3 years now with no problems, feel wierd without it

Me too, had it 10 years never had a problem and too wierd without it

i was thinking of getting mine done but i have other piecing and my mum wud freak

in conclusion, no

I had my lip done once, I didn't like it as I kept catching it in my teeth, Pulling my lip up via the piercing hurt and made it sore all the time, I removed it within a couple of weeks due to that problem.

Had my tongue done and eventually decided to remove that as it's damaged my teeth.

Still got my Eyebrow and Nipple pierced with no intention of removing them.

I wouldn't recommend your lip.

are u the guy that bought the tom delonge style jacket earlier?
Is that why u want ur lip done??

Go for it mate

Only live once

No, but might be good for six months.

No, you might regret it when older


No. You will regret it at some point in life.



Yes, all four.

If you meant what I think you meant then I lol'd....

then again it may just show how sick my mind is :?

not being queer but i don't think girls would like that.

Think of james bond with pierced lips?!



no...not being queer but i don't think girls would like that.Think of … no...not being queer but i don't think girls would like that.Think of james bond with pierced lips?!

nice choice of wording...

I like piercings having a few myself, but if you do get this done wait till you are old enough, respectable places wont pierce anyone under 16
the choise is up to you, its rare to get an infection, had no infections in any of my lip piercings
and when looking for work you can get a clear bar to put in, but have to wait till its been done about a year to stop infection and its fully healed
also taking out does not leave big scars, it may leave a little one under your lipe thats not noticable unless you point it out
also like other people are suggesting get pierced some where else, if you just fancy getting a piercing, i would not suggest nippe or tongue, if its like your first piercing (thats not ears if you have them done)
Also the middle of your lip is less painful to get done than the sides

I have quiet a few piercings so i know quiet abit about them lol

I have previously had both my ears done, eyebrow and lip.
All it ever seemed to do was make it more difficult for me to get a job.

I think a lot of the time piercings can make you look like a bad person. I would advise against getting a piercing (all mine are now removed). Focus on keeping yourself clean and tidy! Nice clothes and working out to keep in shape will all help you maintain a happy life.

My eyebrow piercing was also infected twice which resulted in a rather sore eye for a few weeks! More hassle than it is worth IMO!
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