Should i get some weetabix?



    Does anyone give a flying fox? :w00t:


    Shredded Wheat is better.

    sure, live a little, infact have an extra one

    Oats, better for putting on lean muscle, you get more of your RDA by oats

    yeah with milk and sugar, yummy

    yes 2 for £2 isnt it?

    They are always £1 at the pound stores so it ain't a great offer


    shibi din;2408302

    Does anyone give a flying fox? :w00t:


    you bored emasu

    benefit flakes with strawberrys and raspberrys from aldi, they are win!

    The JFK;2408306

    No.Shredded Wheat is better.

    My OH just told me that shredded wheat 'makes his poo sticky'. I have never known anyone before that thinks about the consistency of their excrement and relates it on a regular basis to the food they consumed recently. Is this a man thing?
    (yes I know he's odd)

    No you should go boil your head and take a long walk off a short plank

    Marks and Spencers triple chocolate chunk cereal cannot be beaten. Try some!
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