Should I give a meter reading? Or stick with estimates

Posted 10th Jan 2023
The elec /gas bill is roughly £300 p/m they sent me an email saying this is the new charge,
I was paying around £140 until last month
I have not given the a meter reading, should I ? Fearing it could be more and I don’t want to risk it increasing further
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    Compare your actual readings with the estimates and see the difference.

    If the estimates are way under then your going to have a bigger bill at some point, and it will cost you more the longer you leave it because prises are rising.

    If the estimates are over then I would just keep them.
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    Always submit meter readings. If your estimates are low, then you submit a meter reading after the next price rise, you'll end up paying the higher rate for fuel you've already used.

    Fuel costs aren't coming down anytime soon, make sure you pay for the fuel you've used at the correct price.
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    We were using around £65 a month, them the fuel prices went up and we were using £110 a month. ( Actual trading from smart meter). Shell emailed us saying to cover our usage we need to pay a direct debit of £250 a month. I rang them and argued with them, they dropped their 'suggestion' to £180 a month. I cancelled it and have been paying £140 a month , less £60 a month for the govt fuel help. So £80 a month actual payment, but £160 credited. We now have nearly £200 credit on the account. They are still emailing us saying it has to go up.

    Just pay it monthly or you will lose track of what's happening and be unable to balance it.
    So you suggest forgetting DD
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    When has burying head in the sand really been a good option?

    meter reading will give you an accurate bill.

    Whilst you may have been underpaying and have a bigger bill, most companies will help you set up payment plan to deal with this.

    conversely what if you’ve been overpaying - you may be entitled to reimbursement.

    Ignorance is not an excuse 
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    I appreciate the dilemma especially if money is tight right now. Delaying submitting an accurate reading now only puts "it" off. You will have to pay for what you have used at some time. If you submit readings regularly you are more likely to be charged at the rate that prevailed when you used the energy. If you allow them to estimate it is more likely they will charge you at a rate greater than the cost at the time you used the energy. The sooner you can afford to put matters right the better. But yes, if you do submit a reading stand by for a bigger bill although you might be pleasantly surprised and find they have over-estimated.
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    A meter reading is always going to be better than estimates (I’m assuming that you do t have a smart meter)
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    I have heard that some people submit readings that are deliberately high/low in order to pay more/less that particular month.

    But that's naughty, so you shouldn't do that.
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    i wud give meter reading
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    Always do readings. I do mine monthly
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    Like someone advised above, you can read your meters and compare to the companies estimate. What you do with that information is up to you.
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    I got refunded £600 for my last reading. Turns out the estimate was a tad wrong for the past two years or so.
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    i always give meter readings as otherwise, you will never know how much you are using and you don't want a sudden surprise/shock when you do give a meter reading. i find estimates often err on the high side as suppliers don't want to be out of pocket.
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    Cancel the DD and pay what you owe. Send actual readings each month when due. Don't allow them to hoarde your money. Unless you're OK with that.
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    Energy prices are not going to come down anytime soon but may still increase, if you send regular readings in you are making sure you are paying current prices for all you use.
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    Ignore everything, hope they estimate low and you don't pay for what you use, can't tell them what you actually use incase they charge you for it. It's a novel approach
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    giving a meter reading, and the amount you pay are two different things. best to give an accurate reading to see what you are due, and then arrange your payment based on what you can afford, and take action to reduce usage if you are using more than you can realistically afford. if you keep getting estimates you could be overpaying, or could be underpaying so much each month and it adds up and up to a value you can't afford and you could get put on a prepayment system or struggle to pay it back
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