Should I go to a dealer for a major service on my 2012 Leon FR 1.4 tsi?

Found 29th Nov 2017
Hello everyone :-)

I currently have a 2012 Leon FR 1.4 tsi and its on a long life service plan. It is due a major service shortly and I am not sure to take it to a Seat dealer or somewhere else cheaper. Am i right in thinking it needs a major service every 2 years/20000 miles when its on long life plan? I have had the car 18 months and it was on long life when i bought it. I average about 12000 miles a year. I was tempted to get national to just do a oil change for £42 as the dealer major service is £279 :-( Thanks
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What is the value of the car? How much will it affect the resale value of the car by breaking the service chain? Are you planning on selling it? Who would buy it? These are the questions you need to answer.
Personally I would do the majority of the work myself, or pay someone to do it. Dealers tend to be very expensive in relation to local garages and for a five year old, 'run of the mill' (not collectors, high end, new) car I would think it unnecessary to go to a main dealer. Does this service plan have a warranty attached?
Have a look in the service book have previous owners only used main dealers, have you got an independent or a VAG technician in your area you can use
Being 5 years old may mean it's due a timing belt and water pump replacement. Check your service schedule as this isn't something you want to miss as it'll cause significant damage to the engine if it snaps. I would use a local specialist rather than a main dealer for a car of that age which is outside of the warranty period.
It’s got a timing chain and I’m near Middlesbrough so will have a look for a vag specialist. It’s got full dealer service history at the moment.
In my experience main dealers usually will heavily discount their services if you query with a lower quote.

For instance 1st service on a Golf R wanted £229 took £99 as I said a good local garage would do what is essentially an oil change with genuine parts. I said I wasn’t bothered as it’s a lease car. They matched the price

Citroen c4

They wanted again about £190 for a service got them down to £110 in the end.

Try your look with them, all they can say is no then phone the next main dealer saying x and y garage will do it for this and can you beat it.
If you can get recommendations from someone who would know, the a local garage is fine. But we've always found only the dealers do a proper service covering everything. We were lucky enough to get 5 years services with our honda but when they did the first one they even updated the software on the radio system. Last time we had a local garage they just did the bare basics and even didn't bother to clean the steering wheel when finshed.
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