Posted 10th Jul 2021

I sold via an Audi car forum an android auto/apple carplay car radio addon (add carplay to an older vehicle through the built in satnav screen) i removed from my Audi before I sold the car. It worked perfectly in my car, but i sold it as seen, as it’s quite involving to install and didn’t want someone buying then changing there mind when the daunting task of removing half the dash comes around.

Price of £300 was agreed with buyer, sold as seen and he paid with paypal.

Item received by buyer, tries to install it but cant get it to work. Won’t listen to my advice on how to install it and just wants money back. I’m in two minds as it’s sold as seen, I’ve now sold my car so cant reinstall to test if it’s working or not so it’s now worth nothing(as woukd have to be sold as unworking as i cant say otherwise), but feel bad if something has gone wrong and it is faulty. Before i make my mind up buyer opens a paypal case, so i let it run its course and as per usual with paypal they side in the buyers favour. Buyer then doesn’t the return the item and the paypal case is closed due to this.

Buyer has just messaged me and asked to return it for a refund. He have my address from the paypal case etc.

What would you do?

Accept the return? Or say tough luck?

Buyer has been absolutely fine, polite etc although didn’t accept advice to potentially resolve issues with the device to start with.
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