should I keep the note 7 or switch to iPhone 7 plus?

    So I've been using the note 7 since the 30th August and am unsure whether to keep it after the replacements are issued. I do think it's an excellent phone but just a bit weary of the battery issue! So I'm trying to find somebody that may have had a go on a iPhone 7 plus to tell me what it's like. I have used an iPhone before when I had the iphone5 and use an iPad and Mac so it's not new to me. I have been using the s6 edge before the note and I do like android os as much as iOS. So is it very different to the iphone5? And is it similar to the note in anyway? Thanks in advance!


    iPhone 7 officially releases tomorrow in store and online shipping is probably next week / october so very few people will have them.
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    Why don't you go into an Apple store and try out the iPhone 7, as whilst one user may prefer it that doesn't mean you will? There's talk of Samsung bringing out the S8 earlier if they do that could well hit second hand values of the Note 7, should that be factor for you?

    I take it you are aware of the exploding battery issue with the note 7

    I don't own an iPhone but I can tell you the iPhone 7 will be the same as the iPhone 6!!
    Stick with the note 7 don't be a sheep!!

    IPhones are more for business use, they are more secure and restrictive.

    Android is Google and it's more open, you can do more things on it and so the risks are greater. you can download kodi and utorrent on ur note 7. u torrent is a great app for receiving large files over the Internet and kodi is great for streaming online videos. (both of these are legal although people can misuse them for pirating movies and streaming cable channels)

    Do you understand that replacements are given to prevent future issues related to exploding batteries?
    After the replacement the phone will be absolutely fine.

    I wouldn't switch for the battery issue alone. I'd switch if I wasn't happy with Samsung as a company for the way it was handled if your not happy with that? Personally I use a 6 plus. Not an apple fan of any sorts but at the minute they are by far the best phones on the market. They just work. Yes you can't change your layout as much but who cares? They also have excellent customer service. My last one started having touch issues just out of warranty and they just gave me a new one same day in store. I remember having a Note4 that kept overheating and crashing on me a few weeks after getting it and samsung wanted me to post it to them and be without a phone for over a week while they repaired it..
    I try an android phone every year when the new flagships are released hoping that the improved specs iron out the problems with the OS but it never does. Just had an android while my Iphone was being repaired (my fault it broke) and couldn't wait to get it back. Its only little things but little things get to me. Things lag, things delay, things take longer to load. Having some customisation options just isn't worth the drawbacks for me.
    Apple aren't perfect but they are the best of a bad bunch at the moment.

    Note 7 mate, without a doubt. not sure how you can switched to closed iPhone system after using android. what good is a phone if I can't comfortably share a pic or a video with another phone? also look at the features of Note 7, spen, camera quality, SDcard and above all display quality and display nits. compare the specs and you will have an answer. It's just 2 days and UK battery replacements are out from 19th. so no worries about batteries on Note 7 anymore.
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    S7 EDGE

    Why limit yourself to Samsung or Apple only?

    Note 7 week be great once battery replaced. IPhone 7 will be the same as all previous i phones

    You'd be an idiot to switch from the note 7 to the iPhone 7. It'd be like chopping your arms and legs off and trying to swim.
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