Should i leave negative feedback or not? Opinions welcomed

    Basically a member made an offer on something i was selling, we agreed a price and moved to pm. After receiving their address and agreeing that they would pay the next day i've heard nothing from them, or had payment. I've pm'ed them and they've been online several times since but i've had no response.

    I'm inclined to leave them negative feedback as they've wasted my time, but what if they decide to leave me some in return? I don't want any black marks on my record but i also don't want them messing anybody else about. So my question is, is it worth it?

    What you reckon?


    I would say Leave neg too...........Just be very clear why you have chosen to leave negative.
    There is no exscuse for not getting back in contact with you..thats just plain rude!!


    I had this, never bothered leaving them anything

    leave neg, these ppl should be named and shamed!

    Don't bother, take it on the chin. At least you didn't pay for listing - like ebay or something.

    You'll get negged back

    Original Poster

    Theres nothing from stopping them leaving me a neg in return though, thats my problem


    i think the mods will remove a neg if he leaves you one, might be wrong though
    I would still leave him one though


    with all the scams going on here its hardly a biggie is it really, yes a little annoying, but not something worth worrying about, so hey they wasted a few minutes of your time but at least noone got scammed

    go on........who was it!?!? :-)


    I normally wouldn't bother leaving anything, but like you say with all … I normally wouldn't bother leaving anything, but like you say with all the scams going on, I think negative feedback should be left, even for something like time-wasting:)OR..................OP just start a thread in misc and name and shame them,lol:thumbsup:

    String 'em up!


    if everyone else starts leaving negs for people wasting peoples time then what do you leave for someone who has tried to rip you off? receiving a neg for both just seems a waste of time, one rips you off and one wastes 5 minutes of your life athough the system aint worth anything anyway if you cant be honest

    report them to a mod - in the rules if you both have agreed on a deal and one of yous backs out without a valid reason, they could be facing a ban from the FS/FT forums

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    Thanks all you're all very helpful :), i'm going to come to a decision at some point tonight

    More than likely i'll report them to the mods and let them look at it

    Thread here fyi -…057
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