Should I make a complaint to Royal Mail?

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Found 16th Jul 2010
Over the last few years I have been buying Xbox and PS3 games on the internet without any problems. However in the space of the last 4 months I have ordered 4 or 5 games and they have all gone missing in the post. This is really annoying because you often have to wait a a couple of weeks before the retailer will act on it as they believe it can turn up, and all I want is my new game!!!!

I don't think its our postman whose doing anything suspect because he's relatively old and probably not a gamer, plus he's been delivering to our house for years now and we've never experienced any problems before and we get on quite well with him.

Most of the games have come from Game or Gamestation, and one from Amazon (in fact Amazon sent out a replacement after a few weeks and that didnt come through so in the end they said they didnt have confidence that the item would get to me and just issued a refund!).

Now, if Bioshock 2 doesnt turn up at my house today then that will have defo gone missing as well as it was dispatched by 1st class on Monday.

Should I make a complaint to Royal Mail? I dont want to get our postie into any trouble as I genuinely believe he has nothing to do with it but at the same time I am getting really p***** off at not having my games!!!!! (Rant over)


Defo make a complaint,it's more likely to be someone from the sorting office.

That's the trouble with these types of packages,it's obvious what's in them,a thieves paradise!

I'm trying to make a complaint at the moment about the amount of my post that has gone missing - I wrote to the delivery office and they have completely ignored it, so I used the contact form on the Royal Mail site and no answer to that either! I hope you have better luck

i'm in same position - our postie is a gem but stuff has not arrived past 2 - 3 months - i did ring local sorting office and they checked to see if anything was there for me - did reiterate about postie - not casting any doubt on her honesty - so - i have now complained to main sorting office

if we all did this maybe something would be done about the stealing - we know its happening

Yeah, file a complaint. A thing or two going missing is understandable. A label might've not been applied correctly, or something might've not been sent, or might've been majorly missorted. That much going missing is suspicious.


You do live in Liverpool


You do live in Liverpool

We live in Manc,plenty of scallies here as well.

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seems like everyone agrees that it is a bit strange, was thinking of mentioning it to the postie when he calls by but I dont want to make him feel like hes been accused


seems like everyone agrees that it is a bit strange, was thinking of … seems like everyone agrees that it is a bit strange, was thinking of mentioning it to the postie when he calls by but I dont want to make him feel like hes been accused

Probably best not to do that.

You could ask your postie who's the best person to contact about missing items. Can you not get the games delivered as recorded delivery so a signature has to be taken? Not saying this will work but might put of the person who's pilfering them.

i bought a new xbox from game in november - came to 5pm and never arrived - phoned parcelforce they say game deal with it; phoned game they say parcelforce deal with it. Phoned my royal mail branch direct kicked up a stink and after about 3 calls guy eventually said "aww what a minute there's a box here am heading out your way in about half an hour i can drop it off if you like" Guy in casual clothes turns up with signing sheet (already signed by whoever was trying to nick off with it) never said a word and **** off. Definitely worth a complaint mate. :thumbsup:

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well the postie has been and no sign of my game, not really surprised to be honest. someone is defo on the rob somewhere along the line, you would think this type of thing would be easily traced by RM

Going to make a complaint as this is a terrible service

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tried ringing the delivery office but no answer.....typical

Do what I do email the top of the tree and they will kick some butt due to your problems.

Used to be Adam Crozier, former CEO, but I guess his email is no longer valid as he is now at ITV but here is the next best thing

Royal Mail Donald Brydon, Chairman (No current CEO) [email protected]

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just got off the phone with their complaints department, they said that as I have contacted the retailers and they have issued a replacement in the past few months a monitor will have been placed on my mail as Royal Mail will have refunded the retailer when they have made a claim against RM. This doesnt seem to have done much though. She made a note of my complaint on the system and said there wasnt much else she could do.

Looks like I will have to wait for the usual time period to pass and then contact the retailer for a replacement, looks like I wont be playing Bioshock2 for a few weeks

Yes ,do complain ,Royal Mail workers have a terrible reputation for thieving .Their high wages are just not high enough for some of them . I've had hard drives go missing from sellers ,there was a local posty who was stealing Cd's and DVD's he was supposed to be delivering and selling them in the local pubs .Sickening I say .............
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