Should I move to Android?

Posted 31st Jan
I currently have an iPhone XS on Vodafone and a old Samsung phone that I have for work, I am tired of carrying two phones around with me.

I have patiently been waiting for Vodafone to support eSim, but sadly doesn’t look like it will happen any time soon.
i have bought into the ecosystem (MacBook/Airpods/iPad). I need a dual sim phone.

i have done quite a bit of research on Android and narrowed down my choice to a P30 Pro/S10 or OnePlus. Storage doesn’t bother me, but need a decent all rounder with a decent camera. I am leaning towards the Samsung as I can get it for the cheapest, but can anyone else anything else?
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Sure if you want
Look at the Xiaomi, they are mostly dual SIM so lots too choose from and alot cheaper than Samsung for similar specs too there phones.
move stay u decide
I moved and android is a lot more open, I have a lot more features than what I had on my iphone
Should I move to Android?

Depends which Android!

I tried moving from my iPhone X to the s10 and I personally felt it was a few steps back. It was not as user friendly as expected and the fact they are still producing phones with a finger print sensor is beyond me..
You can buy a small, fairly cheap adapter for your XS to convert it into a dual sim. Forgot the name but it’ll pop up in DuckDuckGo.
My partner moved from Apple to Android, Moto G7 Power to be exact and she went from totally android-phobic to convert. Apple make some nice stuff but it doesn’t last. I have a year old iPad that now struggles to load certain web pages, even simple forum pages – page errors, crashes etc and it seems to get worse with every update (13.3.1 has made things slightly better) My old age Samsung 2017 J5 on the otherhand loads the same pages in full desktop mode (obviously zoomed out) fine.
I have a Samsung A70 - they're reasonably priced, dual sim etc. Quite large though, and a pain in the wotsit for mobile gaming (it's very difficult to hold the phone without fingers curling round and touching the 'bezel-less' screen, causing erratic movements etc). If you can live with that it's a great phone.
the fact that you need to ask suggests you should stick with apple
A year old ipad that struggles Yeah ok.
Choose your platform as you see fit but let's not turn the thread in to another IOS bashing drivel fest
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I'd go for the s10 imo. Yes xiaomis are cheaper and similar spec on paper, but in reality they cant match the Samsung's performance. S10 all the way.
Azwipe01/02/2020 09:32

A year old ipad that struggles Yeah ok.Choose your …A year old ipad that struggles Yeah ok.Choose your platform as you see fit but let's not turn the thread in to another IOS bashing drivel fest

Yeah, its true

Hope that clears things up for you.
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