Should I or shouldn't I? that is the question..

    I have been looking at buying a 37" LCD tv for some time and came across a deal at Pixmania - its for a LG 37LE2R FOR £635. It is HD ready but has no freeview which i'm not too fussed about.…tml

    What i really need to know is is this a good deal and how reliable are Pixmania.

    Any help will be gratefully received..:thumbsup:


    pixmania are in France...I think they are part of the dsg group (dixons/pcworld/currys)...personally I'd rather buy a TV where I have customer service in the UK...have you had a look for a similar model on [url][/url] ...I recall a post a few days ago about a 5% off voucher for currys so take a look in the voucher section....and don,t forget quidco cashback which can be a reasonable sum on such a large purchase.

    I used them to get my Samsung TV, very fast delivery but be careful going through checkout as they try to add little extras. For example their savings card! Which for some reason they try to charge £13 for??
    As for the TV others will venture their opinions

    Having looked at the pixmania site with regards to after sales service,this is done through the Tech Guys(for tv's) who also deal with repairs for DSG.
    Therefore the number you contact is for a UK based repair company.

    Also you can save a further £10 on your purchase by using the code'Priceuk070202' at the pixmania checkout.

    I cannot find any independent reviews on this tv,but the customer reviews on the pixmania site seem very favourable.

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    Thanks everyone for your comments and the discount code muckypup. I've just ordered it along with an epson printer, so fingers crossed it will all go smooothly!
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