should i play assasins creed 1 before 2?

    well im loading assasins creed 2 on to my 360 as i type and im just wondering if i should buy and play assasins creed 1 before i start playing it.

    does it affect the story much if i go straight into ac2?

    anyone had any experience?


    The 2nd game is so much better then the first, I gave up on number 1, but loved every second of creed 2, you'll just have to put up with the many cut scenes at the start, untill you can really get your teeth into it, give it an 1-2 hours, then your be hooked!

    Read the story line on wikipedia (I'd imagine its on there), then go onto ACII. Much better game.

    That said, if you've got it/ paid for it, then play it. Otherwise just skip it.

    The first one was a fantastic game but suffered from some serious repetition issues, far too many boring missions to get to the meat of the game and it becomes a real chore after a while. The second one on the other hand, rectifies a lot of those faults and is very much worth going through. However, the story wont make much sense if you don't know what happened in the first game.

    First game was terrible, skip it.

    Have to agree, could not stand AC1 but loved AC2 think brotherhood should be similar to to AC2

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    i just read the plot of ac1 on wiki and it sounds a pretty strange but cool story line i might take a look in game/gamestation see how cheap ac1 is and see if i can play it through for the story

    thanks all for the advice
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    First game was terrible, skip it.


    awful game after a few hours as so repetitive

    cant wait for ac3!


    If The first game was so bad....why did you even consider buying the 2nd.

    I thought the whole concept of the first game was great and improved on the 2nd game.


    If The first game was so bad....why did you even consider buying the 2nd.

    He/she probably heard that the 2nd game was good?

    personally i wouldnt ive played th 1st and 2nd and i think the 1st might put you of the 2nd one.

    I loved the 1st Was waiting ages for the 2nd but then got rid of the xbox so need get a new 1 so can play that too

    if you don't know the storry i reccomend you to 1 before 2


    Assassins Creed in 3 … Assassins Creed in 3 minutes.[url=][/url]

    I played AC1 for hours and didn't understand any of that

    Might check out AC2 though
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