should i sell my playstation 3 60 gig

    and buy a 40 gig version
    i know it sounds like an odd thing to do but they appear to be selling for around £80 more than the 40 gig on ebay. I only really have it for non serious game play and blu ray, its about 8 months old and after the xbox 360 ring of death episodes a day after warrentee was up i'm thinking that a new one wouldn't be a bad idea. Also have £80 virgin vouchers that i haven't used for almost a year and think i can get 10% students discount in there
    any thoughts


    I posted this a littler earlier in ]this thread:

    I had a 40GB and a 60GB, and sold the 60GB on ebay for £420 - I never used it for PS2 games, and found the 40GB quieter. You should be able to pick up a 40GB for about £250

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    should have looked just thought it was a mad idea will expire thread
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