Should I send first?

    I recently placed an mp3 player on and it sold for 180 pounds plus postage but the seller which has 112 feedback at 100 percent wants to pay in two half's (one now and one on arrival) since I only have one feedback should I do this and if I do will I have any protection if he doesn't pay the second part?


    I would'nt, but your call. I believe its against ebay policy too so you would have no way of getting the rest of your money if he fails to pay up.


    Dont be bullied into sending the item first no matter what feedback the guy has. He knew what he was getting himself into bidding. You cant bid and make the decisions. Let him pay with paypal.

    I'll buy it off you for £90 an pay in full?

    Why would you do this? Sounds like trouble waiting to happen.....

    They pay in full or you don't send, simple!

    Don't do it. They bid to buy and should abide by the rules.

    Seen as though you posted this thread i would guess you have the intention of sending.

    So I would ask/expect the money first as its supposed to be.

    Include a link to this in an email if he has any doubt.

    Dont send it. I know i wouldnt.

    There is also the option of Escrow.

    That says dodgy to me straight away
    Ive been on ebay for nearly 7 years and have never been asked to do that.
    Full amount or tell them to swivel imo lol.

    And just because he has all positive feedback that could be to do with sellers not being able to lave negative or neutral.
    So say he sends you £90, you send it and he recieves it. Whats to stop him not paying. You cant leave Neg feedback and if you send you are not abiding by ebays policy so nothing you can do. DO NOT SEND IT WITHOUT THE MONEY!!!

    Whoever bought your item could see your feedback before they placed a bid. If they weren't happy dealing with you because of your feedback, then they shouldn't have placed the bid and that's what I would be telling them. :thumbsup:

    Also if he refuses to go ahead and leaves you a neg, you can just put in a NPB claim and that should remove the neg anyway.

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    Cheers, there seems to be a consensus on not posting till full payment.

    just sell it to the next bidder in the list m8

    You got any more Archos wi-fi's available half price? :whistling:

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    well tried to sell it on here but no one was interested (if the deal falls through I might try a repost on hotukdeals)

    [size="7"] Nope![/size]

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    By the way I am adding rep to the useful comments.

    If it were me NO I wouldn't send it until it was paid in full. Good luck:thumbsup:

    do not do it!!! you will never get the other halfof the money - tell the buyer that you are going to request advice from ebay and email them to tell them what is going on - they would never advise doing that so then you can tell the buyer that unless you get full payment then they can't have it - then if they don't want it you can still relist or offer to the next highest bidder.

    The buyer is covered anyway under Paypal's guaranteed policy now if you decide to run off with his money.
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