Should I stay with 3 network

    I have been with 3 for 5 years now and I have given them a 30 day leaving notice. The offers that they gave me, was the offers that are already out to new customers, which I think is atrocious.

    I was thinking of getting a phone with good internet about 600min 100texts and unlimited internet. Im not too sure to wait until 3 offer me a better deal or go with another network and which networks would other people advise.

    I saw a deal with 600min 500texts and 500MB download for the internet with the Samsung Jet S8000 for £20 per month plus when you get cash back it works out to be £13.33 per month with Orange.

    But just like to know what other people would do, what experience they have had in this matter and what they would say about Orange.



    Get an Iphone

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    Get an Iphone

    I want one but I am a student so dont have the money.

    Cash back deals are only any good if you are really organised and make sure you do everything they ask,I dont know many students like that,

    If your considering T Mobile id check the coverage wherever you are / go. I switched to them from 3 earlier this year, I travel a lot with work and must say the T Mobile coverage in the majority of places I go to is much much worse than 3.

    I still have 3 mobile broadband which has great coverage in most places where the T Mobile phone has 1 or zero bars

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    Cash back deals are only any good if you are really organised and make … Cash back deals are only any good if you are really organised and make sure you do everything they ask,I dont know many students like that,

    I am very organised myself. I normally put a reminder on my phone as well as my computer so I don’t forget. I have had a cash back deals before where I got a contract for 99p per month. But ever since that 3 was offering reasonable prices with good phones which made me stick with them.


    I'm new customer with three

    £10.87 for 18 months
    C903 phone (selling it)
    unlimited internet (1GB fair usage)
    200 x net mins
    2000 3 mins
    unlimited texts (2000 fair usage)

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    I got my three phone the same time as my brothers and they had offered him £20 a month for the Sony Ericsson Satio with 300 min/texts and 300 3to3 calls.

    3 often give out good deals if you haggle enough. They gave me this deal: pay 5 quid a month for 300 mins a while back (actually it was four months free, then the 5 quid a month)

    a friend of mine on 3 for 18 pound

    700 mins
    unlimited 3 to 3
    unlimited txts
    internet 1g

    im on 3

    500 mins
    unlimited landline
    15 pound a month

    due to upgrade in 2 weeks.

    If you haggle really good, you will get good deals out of them.

    ive been with them for 7 years now.
    never had any problem xcept frustrating to talk to their call centres.
    overall good service from them

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    Thanks For all your responses

    The price plan Im on with 3 is

    300 3to3 calls
    Sony Erricson k660i

    But had asked for a touch screen and they seem to try and talk me into getting a different phone.

    I would either get:

    Sony Ericsson Satio
    HTC Hero (which alot of people had said it is very hard to get)
    Samsung i8510
    Samsung Jet

    with a contract with:

    Unlimited internet
    500 min
    Unlimited texts

    on maybe a 24 month or 18 if can contract

    for no more than £20 per month

    But Im not to sure if this is asking too much from them?
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