Should i stick to a uk wii ?????

    Hi All

    Wanting some advice please.

    I am looking to buy my daughter a nintendo wii for her birthday,it doesnt have to be a new one second hand would be fine but even the prices i have found for a second hand one are nearly the same price as a new one and if not more in some cases.

    I have resulted to looking on e bay or flea bay as some of us like to call it and there are a few new ones on there selling for £129.99 and £135 with free postage but they are from japan.

    Obviously apart from the plug is there any difference from a uk version ? Also forgot to mention they will supply me with a uk manual.

    Any help would be welcomed please as i have no knowledge of these at all.

    Many Thanks


    If there commin from japan, Im sure you will have to pay a customs charge which is 17.5% of the product value + £15 handling charge.

    I dont know about the Wii, but if they have region locked games, you will need to get all your games from Japan, as most likey as the PAL UK games will not work. (need someone to confirm this as I dont know much about the wii)

    brb playing gta.

    Have you checked out Zavvi? I had a fantastic wii console, controllers, sports game and an extra game bundle for £158. That was with a discount for having a virgin credit card, but even without the discount it was only £180.
    At least if you buy from a high street store you can return it if its faulty or anything.
    As for your original question I don't know what the difference between the uk and japanese versions are, sorry.

    they are region locked - so unless you want to be importing japanese games for ever ...

    you must get it chipped if you are importing it and i wouldnt recomment the japanese version because it doesnt have different language options so i'm just guessing what the different buttons do on the menu.

    I think you should just buy a U.K one.

    Buy a UK one. Even if you get it chipped there are region compatibility problems.

    I'd get a UK spec one just for the piece of mind in case you need a repair, my friends disc drive was faulty so went back for repair with no hassle, so they can break down, if you get a foreign one I'm guessing you'd be out of luck.

    yep, get a UK one!

    Original Poster

    Hi Again All

    Thank you all for your advice,I will deffo stick to a uk one and will go check out zawi now,sounds pretty good.

    Play have them in stock ]here

    As do ]Zavvi


    Zavvi still have their £180 bundle on instore, not online though


    the problem with the japanese version is the language, you can't change it to english and all the writing is in foreign symbols, also you would need to buy NTSC games either Jap or American
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