Should I trade my E71 + £65 for an 8gb iPhone 3G?

Found 4th Oct 2010
A friend of mine offered me a good condition boxed iPhone 3G 8gb for my Nokia E71 + £65. Both with chargers, and USB cables.

My Nokia is in fair condition, and I love it to bits, but it's gone all slow and unresponsive, and it locks up and reboots when I enter themes and mode settings. He thinks he can fix it, but I haven't been able to, even using NSS, changing the product code, and updating to the latest firmware available.

I need a stop-gap phone for a while until I can afford an E72 or something, and my 64gb iPod Touch keyboard isn't too bad, so i'd get used to the on-screen keyboard using it lots I guess.

Should I trade? I'm sick of the complexity of the E71... I no longer have time to fiddle, and fix things, and set things up, and after everything on my home screen disappeared, and it still keeps locking up upon entering some menu's, I've had enough.

Should I sell it and get another stop-gap ~£180 phone, or trade my E71 + £65?

I will eventually get a HTC Deisre, or an iPhone 4, but for now, I just need a change, it's been driving me crazy, and I don't love it like I used to anymore!

He thinks he can fix my E71, but working ones go for about £115 on ebay, and he's asking £185 for the iPhone straight up... I'd be getting a good deal it seems then?

Any input would be great!

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