Should I update to iOS 11

Found 2nd Oct 2017
I have had storage problems on my iPhone 6 hence automatic update to iOS 11 has not occurred. I am in a position now that I can free up space and hence update.

What I am asking for is people who have been using the new software does it improve your user experience and is it faster to navigate?


Reading through the pros and cons it does not appear to me that I will gain anything significant using the new software. It appears that some people are suffering from battery drain problems.

I do not think I would have the patience of changing my phone several times a day. It's bad enough to change it twice.
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Well you already know the issues to make a decision, no one can make that for you. Either don't update or update and wait for the updates to fix the issues.
It freed up a lot of storage space for me, haven’t noticed any battery issues.
It will stuff your battery up, slow it down etc.
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