Should I wait for Black Friday to buy a custom PC?

Posted 27th Oct
From what I have seen, PC components don't go on sell during black friday. Do you think this year might be any different? Should I wait or just buy the PC now?
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Some things like RAM and CPU's are at good prices already. Realistically, you won't find any hugely amazing deals on computer parts come BF. Have a look around now, maybe wait for GPU but don't expect more than 10%.
Overclockers and Scan tend to do Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

Are you custom building yourself or getting the company to build for you?

Shop about. My last custom PC I bought the components from various sources i.e. CPU, cooler, and MB from Overclockers, RAM from Ebuyer and SSDs from Amazon as each component was the cheapest from each compnay.
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Yeah custom building it myself. I bought the parts. Thanks guys.
The margins are already slim on PC parts - you may get slight deals on memory or SSD on the day but it's not really worth waiting for unless you plan to buy from Overclockers or Scan.
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