Posted 16th Dec 2022
Hi i'm new to the UK, could someone let me know if laptops typically see a signficant decrease after christmas? How about January-Feburary as well?

Thank you!
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    There are deals throughout the year, there is no pattern as such. If you see something you like at a great price, just buy it. And if you are from the US (purely a guess since you quoted a $ price), be ready to be surprised with the prices when a hot deal in UK is barely a deal in the US.
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    In my experience they are myth

    get you your gluttony/excess in now

    and welcome to the UK and all the "delights" of above
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    If you're willing to wait until January then yes, there will be decrease in prices.
    Hey thanks! Do you have any idea of how much prices may drop by? Say for example a $700-800 laptop
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    They usually have post Xmas sales so should wait.
    Can check historic prices on camelcamelcamel from Amazon though I understand that isn't working as well these days.
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    All year round:
    New yr
    Aug BH
    Black Friday
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    Items are now reduced all year round on and off. January sales/black Friday etc etc is all a con. (edited)
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    after christmas and new year sales aren't really great in this modern age of online shopping. if i wanted a laptop, i just keep an eye on hukd at least 3 months before i actually need a laptop, and you can pretty much bet there will be something flagged up within 3 months
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    Next and other clothe shops have a decent sale on boxing day. Even boots gifts. But with electronics.. If you need it anyway then you've got some discount otherwise it's not really a steal.
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    Boxing Day and New Year used to be much bigger, pre-Internet. In those days there was usually a story on Christmas Day TV news about people camping outside Harrods waiting for the Boxing Day sale. They were usually trying to buy fur coats. How times change!
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    Christmas/Boxing Day sales will start as soon as the physical brick stores close on Christmas Eve, probably around 6/7pm. (edited)
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